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Game suddenly changed to broken resolution, can't change back.

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Version 0.5.9
Downloaded for the first time today, game worked fine until I left it in steam's overlay interface for an hour.  When I came back it was displaying like this.  The area shown seems to be the ratio of my second monitor.  The window size is correct; the steam overlay covers the whole screen when used.  Because of this size the settings button cannot be accessed.  I have tried clicking where it should be but it seems there isn't anything there.  Starts up like this when launched through steam or directly, and persists after uninstall/reinstall through steam.  Starting without second monitor connected has same effect, as does restarting the computer.

Main monitor: 3840x2160
Second: 1024x1280

Is there somewhere I can edit the settings through a config file or similar?


Edit: Alright found the settings.ini, leaving this as i don't know why it would have suddenly changed the resolution while in game (in editor specifically), and that the settings can't be accessed at weird resolutions.

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Found temporary solution
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