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Nimbatus - Project Introduction


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Hi Fawns :)


Some of you might have already heard of our project Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor. I'd like to give you a quick intro what the game is about and what the next development steps are.




Nimbatus is a procedurally generated action simulation game. You can build space drones out of hundreds of different parts and explore a galaxy with countless fully destructible planets. On your journey you will face deadly challenges on exotic planets and research new technology. There will be various missions to test your drone engineer skills. We also plan to add a story to the game where you fight an intergalactic evil corporation.


Nimbatus was originally designed by my Stray Fawn Studio founding partner, Micha Stettler. Micha worked on Nimbatus during his free time and weekends while having a full time day job for three years. He then decided to quit his (increadibly well payed, we'll probably never earn that much again lol) job and start a game studio to finish Nimbatus which had grown very dear to him. Now we are 5 people, working on both Nimbatus and our other project Niche.


We are currently working towards a playable alpha version of Nimbatus. In order to finance the further development we will run a Kickstarter campaign in November. Shortly after the game will be released on Steam Early Access.


We'll keep you up to date with all Nimbatus news here :)

If you'd like to receive important project updates (such as Kickstarter or Early Access launch) you can sign up for the newsletter:



We also recently set up a Steam page, in case you'd like to wishlist Nimbatus: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383840/Nimbatus__The_Space_Drone_Constructor/


We are looking forward to your inputs and comments :D



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