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My challenge ideas :)


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First one I have already tried and have had good luck so far.

the other one still needs some testing.


first challenge: Wanderer Challenge

The rules:

only ONE adult nicheling in a tribe.

this nicheling can ONLY 🥖 with other wanderers.

Once the wanderers’ offspring has grown up, the parent must be released ASAP.

the wanderer cannot stay in one place for long. Also no clearing out excessive amounts of grass/‘settling down’

to make the challenge even harder you can ban the mutation menu. This is optional.


challenge 2: The Beehive Challenge 🐝 

i just made this up and haven’t tested it yet. So who knows if this will even work, idk.


The colony is made up of ‘worker bees,’ which are females who cannot 🍞 , and one ‘queen bee,’ whose only purpose is to give birth to more workers. All drones who are born must be banished or killed, unless they will be the mate of the queen. Also in the colony is a male ‘drone’ who🥖 with the queen. And also a young backup drone. Once the queen dies, a new queen is selected for the throne. If the drone dies, the backup drone takes his place.

also you can strive only for yellow fur with black stripes and antennae, and even scorpion tail.

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