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I like the addition of the family tree in Niche, but I think it could be improved upon. Currently, ancestors are not recorded in the family tree and are eventually deleted, showing only the current generation. Part of the enjoyment of creating the family tree is going back and looking at the ancestors, so I think this would be a good change to make. This would also make it easier to manage your nichelings, as you would be able to see exactly who is descended from who. As some players have tribes of over one hundred members, a scrolling feature could be added to the family tree when it becomes too long. I would also like to suggest adding bearyenas to the family tree when it mates with one of your nichelings, similar to rogue males. The hybrid offspring currently only shows one parent, and besides looking at their bearyena genes, there is no way to tell if they are descended from one.

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I could love it, In the family tree I always set up my mates next to each other and when I reload, well it doesn't save, so it could be great, also a way to see siblings or pair up nichelings could be useful :D


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