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(Again sorry if you have suggested this ^^)

Perhaps we could have some form of ageing to our nichelings when they become elders? I have seen some comments suggesting haveing the fur around the snout and ears lightening, or going completely white. They could also have degrading eyesight or hearing, and their gems could either darken or lighten in contrast when they age.



Light coloured gems and fur colour. Some patterns have not shown up yet.


Both gems and fur darken slightly. Patterns are very faint


Gems and fur reach regular colouring. Patterns have shown up completely.

Elder (This would be about 2-3 days before they die.)

Gems are very dark, fur lightens around snout, ears, Ect. Certain ability's are not as strong as they were. Pattern is strong, but has flecks of white through it.


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