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Entity Spawn Rates



I looked through this forum twice and I couldn't find anything similar to this idea, so if you see something like this just link it to me ^^


Basically I was thinking that you could edit the amount of creatures that spawn on the island you're on and so forth.

For example, you could pick your island and go to "Island Settings" or something like that. Then you could go to "Creature Count" or "Creature Spawn Rates" or even "Entity Spawn Rate" and then you can come up to a list of multiple creatures in the game, including Bearyenas and Nichelings. You could edit how many spawn in one day and how often they spawn. It could be something like this; 

Maximum Count: ##
Minimum Count: ##
Spawning Frequency: ## every ## days.


And for food like berry bushes and acorn trees:

Berry Bush
Maximum Count: ##
Minimum Count:  ##
Amount of food regrown each day: ## per day.

Add on to what you think would also be nice here!

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