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Seasons and food appropriate for them


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We have different biomes on the islands in the game, but I wish there would be someting like seasons. For ex. on the snow island, the temperature changes, but what on the "grass" islands? I would imagine that the season lasts for about 10 days, and it shows in the notification bar an icon with a message like "Season is changing! Its now autumn instead of summer!" or something like that. There will be more predators in autumn, cause they want to find food for winter, spring will be something like the breeding season, that means higher chance of twins, and winter will be low on food, and sometimes could even snow a little bit, or the river could freeze. I think that would make a little more challenging. :) Now for the food.

In spring, there will be loads of rabbils, that you can eat, or they can eat your berries. It would also rain a lot, lik it is in spring, so there will be plenty of them. The nichelings who are in the rain, could get wet, and they could get cold. In summer, lot of fish will be spawning, aswell there could be a new source of food, some vegetable maybe? In autumn, there could be apples on small special trees, and the nicheling would kick the tree like with nuts, but they can gather apples normally like berries. Maybe there could be even pumpkins! :D And lastly, in winter there can be rabbils, nuts, roots....and maybe the berries wont grow so much, and there could be a special type, like snowberries that would be blue, but they will spawn very rarely.

Anyway, just an idea. Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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Another cool, last minute idea. I like the thought of stocking up in spring, summer and autumn, then having to survive the scarce winter. Maybe even allow to select starting season on sandboxes and start story mode in Spring?

That would be cool! The story mode could teach the new players about the saesons, and maybe it can give some tips on stocking up with food in spring, having babies, and then tips for autumn and etc. About the last minute thing its true. I had in my head for a long time, I just didnt have any time to post it. Anyway, thanks ofr sharing your thought on this! :D

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