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nimbatus.thumb.png.0f507c5dc64d201180c1989651412b91.pngImplement a feature to add outside hull shapes similar to how the nimbatus ship looks as well as the ability to color parts and lights. Can make it a separate layer from the functional pieces and would be purely for aesthetic. I've drawn my drone with a single layer of shapes on top and customized the colors of various objects as an example (also it was a lot of fun to draw)

EDIT: added some images of different solutions of playing the game while with cosmetics. You could have an option to toggle opacity if you would like to see what is underneath your drone while playing by pressing a key (such as an fn key) and the opacity will lower unless you press it again to bring it back up to 100%. I've tested 50% and 30% opacity here. Another solution is to add indicators to the outside layer as shown on the far right which would show the overall drone's power, fuel, factory, and resource levels. 



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On 1/3/2019 at 11:18 AM, Garheardt the Black said:

Also, CometShineI'm seriously jealous of your artistic ability. Can I ask what tools you're using?

Thank you! I used an art program called Paint Tool SAI and also a Wacom drawing tablet 

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