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Entity Idea + Game Mode Ideas + Gem Color Ideas


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Alright, so first I've got an entity idea:

Glaucoctopus (or some other name, I didn't really have one)

-a mixture between a blue sea slug and an octopus, more specifically, an octopus head with blue sea slug stingers as tentacles as well as blue sea slug antennae (can have different head shapes and colors to accommodate environment) (stingers always blue) (basic appearance is round orange head with blue antennae + blue stinger tentacles)

-1 attack (if big body, medium body, armored body = latches onto creature for 2 turns, will do 1 attack for each action performed by creature, can be detached by attacking with another creature with 3 damage but will also poison the helping creature) (poisonous)

-3 speed in water, 1 speed on beach (can only be on land for 1 turn)

-3 sight

-4 fishing

-neutral creature until attacked, competing for food, creature has toxic body, or leach attached to it (uncommon) (remove leach to tame)

-eats all types of fish as well as kelp

-can be found in all environments with different adaptation appearances

-if can be bred with, hybrid genes would be:

  -internal ears: 5 hearing underwater, 2 on land

  -short-sighted eyes

  -gills/octo head: 2 camo in any environment, 2 underwater smelling, underwater breathing

  -water body/toxic body

  -stinger tentacle: poisonous, can remove leaches alone, 1 swimming (4 swimming if both paws)

  -webbed hind legs

  -red/yellow fur

  -spots pattern


Some game modes I had in mind were:

Objective/Arcade Mode:

The game gives you tasks to complete with genes which could be either continuous or one-offs

ex: have only yellow eyes in your pack

-one would have the ability to customize what types of challenges, time limits, predators, disease, etc.

-one could also have a code to send challenges to friends or to send to Niche players


Challenge Mode:

Being restricted to only being able to see the phenotypes of creatures

(What the creature shows and not hidden away/recessive genes)

-alternatively, have the ability to hide/show recessive genes through a feature in the family tree


Breed/Creator Mode:

Being able to create creatures by being able to mess around with genes and breed two creatures to show all possible offspring and by selecting a gene, a Punnett square would pop up showing how the result was obtained (refer to first pic)

-one would be able to save creatures (either the parents or offspring) to appear in a "Saved Creatures" list where creatures could be placed into the "Parents" slots (refer to thrid and fourth pic, the blank spots are where the offspring nichelings would go)

-this would be a great educational tool as well by allowing students to learn how similar/different offspring can look compared to their parents as well as how genes can be passed down


Educational Mode:

Where game explains how everything works from dominant and recessive genes to natural selection for the use of teachers or presentations


Finally, I have this idea where one would be able to completely customize the gem colors (refer to second pic). One would also be able to program custom colors into either just the number keys or any key so one would be able to quickly and easily change gem colors.


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3 minutes ago, Lurkily said:

Please split these up into separate threads.  I'm not a niche player, but speaking as a moderator, these forums are not JUST for discussion; they're also a feature tracker.  The votes on ideas indicate the popularity of ideas so the developers can use that as a metric for future improvements.  It also tracks completion of these things by marking which ideas were implemented into the game.  It's quite useless for these things if it's unclear what the votes are actually for.

It sounds like you have some good ideas that are getting some attention, so let's get them presented in a way that's useful to the devs, in judging how the community supports them.

This community voting is not even active anymore

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