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Soooo @NyssaDerp made a tribe where everybody can help. Then I thought... what if we made a tribe where people would take turns playing it? So, here we are!

How it works:

  1. I start the tribe and play until Adam dies
  2. While playing through Adam's life, I document what happens to the tribe here
  3. Once Adam dies, I immediately share the savefile (preferably before using up any moves) (I'll try and have one or more babies be born the same day Adam dies)
  4. Another person decides they want to be the one to continue playing the tribe. They will reply here first, before opening up the savefile and choosing one of the most recent children born to be their patriarch/matriarch.
  5. The person will play through the patriarch/matriarch's life, documenting what happens during their 'reign'.
  6. The person will try their best to have several children born before their patriarch/matriarch dies.
  7. Once that creature dies, the person will stop playing and share the played savefile.
  8. The cycle will repeat from steps 4-8!
  9. The tribe will go on and on until (hopefully) the tribe gets to Home Island.
  10. You do not have to continue doing anything that the person before you tried to achieve if you don't want to.
  11. If nobody keeps playing, I'll try and help too.

Notes: If no creatures have been born recently when another person picks up the save, they are allowed to try and breed a new creature as soon as they start playing.

Please, PLEASE don't get mad if someone trashes whatever you'd been doing when they continue the cycle.

When a person picks their patriarch/matriarch, the creature must be no older than a teen.

ALSO: FAMILY TREEEE! Please update it as you play :D 

Got it? Now, let me get started!

Introducing: Adam!

After growing up, Adam finally finds his mate: Eve!

oh, goodie. Our first glitch! There seems to be a tile that we can't step on. I remember playing on Story mode and getting this glitch on this second island.


The furst baby! But he's shortsighted :(


Off to a new land!


Welcome, Peaches! You're shortsighted too :( (i put Eyes in Adam and Eve's mutation menus!)


Why, hello! You shall be renamed Kira!


Kira and Eve both have Adam's children. (Peter+Pan=Petan) (Tiger+Lily=Tigrily)


It is Adam's final day, and Kira and Eve sit on their nests, expecting their children. finally, the day passes, and Adam is no more. however, his mates conceive his children.



So, the new Patriarch/Matriarch of the tribe must either be Petan, Tigrily, Kokonut, or Jonas. Here's the savefile!:


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5 hours ago, Larouxxiaa said:

This idea is really cool! Is it ok if I continue playing the tribe?

Of course! You don't have to ask; just reply here so everybody knows that somebody is continuing it, so multiple people don't start doing it at the same time :) 

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I chose Jonas as the new patriarch, he's my favourite out of the newest generation.440650_20181229193053_1.thumb.png.d07349d59a13c4ac2499499d6a19261d.png

This is what I've done with the tribe, I gave some new gems to the creatures but you can change the gem colours if you want. :)

Peaches has just run into a new wanderer! He is adorable.440650_20181229192750_1.thumb.png.7f179f461439e379f6900c66b0acde14.png

The kids are playing happily together. Jonas is getting along well with his best friend, Kokonut.


Time to migrate to the new island! Kokonut seems to be taking her pet crabbit along with her.440650_20181229193218_1.thumb.png.e48da73c448867a33955de679afaab27.png

The new island is huge. There is a lot for the creatures to explore.440650_20181229193250_1.thumb.png.d71a49f77f0765c1ad779cfcfe74b7d2.png

Petan and Tigrily are enjoying a walk down the beach, while Jonas and Kokonut make their way towards a nearby oak tree.440650_20181229193341_1.thumb.png.69637659838831a76b63a199f9c8cc71.png

Peaches and Rovan have an adorable son, Oreo!440650_20181229193557_1.thumb.png.088a903103a84eccd65b2e88e80b06ba.png

Meanwhile, Petan and Tigrily have found a new home next to a huge lake.440650_20181229193828_1.thumb.png.ef13a1522e7c91ea1ffbfdb205d00238.png

There's a rogue male! Peaches and Rovan do not take kindly to him and chase him away.440650_20181229194115_1.thumb.png.2ff050662c773b51e7d67488ffd9e637.png

Two babies are born, Cream and Fennel. Fennel has an "unusual" interest to the black berries which most of the creatures hate, but luckily they aren't making her sick.440650_20181229194606_1.thumb.png.dfdab4f61cebb27bbb7187467248b257.png

WHO IS THAT??!440650_20181229194730_1.thumb.png.e76ee7e03e80eadc2b7e2e9aa5bcd4f6.png

The day poor Kassi has her first gem, everything dies, even the nest.440650_20181229195110_1.thumb.png.cea41619b703352b956d1efb6c94d2eb.png

Twins, Waterli and Kuekiie! )(oof waterli blinked XD)440650_20181229195634_1.thumb.png.78a9310f7613dfd677fc00d082d6c9c9.png

Things were going smoothly for the tribe, until...440650_20181229200457_1.thumb.png.3bbe9556ab5777c3fc584d42c0eda408.png

Kuekiie and several other nichelings were successful in taking the bearyena down. Luckily nobody was wounded in the process.


The wanderer who was in the grass earlier just attracted this cute bean! Their immunities are compatible!440650_20181229200745_1.thumb.png.eea1b955c411d65cf2a7460c729ec9c1.png

Poor Kassi.440650_20181229201305_1.thumb.png.444b99e7c20770c2f1721ead76326b89.png

Tigereye's parents (Tigrily and Petan) have unfortunately died, so Kirvanta and Rame adopt her.


Our patriarch, Jonas has sadly passed away.440650_20181229202729_1.thumb.png.7f99c601b69b281ce4c0151c536ee998.png

Sorry that this story was really long, but we have 10 potential matriarchs/patriarchs! This tribe has been really lucky with twins so there are a lot of creatures in the tribe, but they are very close to the ports so whoever continues can pick their top 10 creatures to go to the next island.

The potential matriarchs/patriarchs (i'm terrible at naming):

Sage, Honeydew, Zada, Lisa, Oats, Skyrie, Snicker, Doodle, Tigereye, Lemonade





Edited by Larouxxiaa
oofd i mistaked Kassi for Lianna
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I edited the family tree! (I made Kirvanta and Nuvanta "ex-partners" of Amanita because they were both wanderers without children or had a mate that was a wanderer)

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This looks fun. I might play. Only problem is I will probably make the tribe 50 members and starve them all to death lol

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I'm adding my screenshots as I go along, give it a try by the time you get to it we'll most likely be on the archipelago.

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I think the tribe is doomed I did a bad thing, sha'll I delete my screenshots and let someone else try? ;-;

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4 hours ago, Kitten said:

Due to not bringing a substantial amount of males, our tribe Matriarch is forced to breed with her brother, Honeydew. 


Don't worry! Honeydew is not her brother.

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8 hours ago, bostonlobstah said:

This looks fun. I might play. Only problem is I will probably make the tribe 50 members and starve them all to death lol

During the lifespan of one nicheling..? Wow

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1 minute ago, bannergirl411 said:

I would so do this if I could import the save file...

Does that mean that you can't import it, or don't know how to? If you don't know how to then you have to find the saves folder (you can find it by following the instructions here

) and you can move this tribe into the saves folder. If the slot is taken you can move the save out to make room for this file.

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10 hours ago, Kitten said:

I think the tribe is doomed I did a bad thing, sha'll I delete my screenshots and let someone else try? ;-;

What did you do?

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Oats is chosen as the Matriarch right as she was born, she has a lot of responsibilty in her paws. ^^^


Lianna sings out to the ancestors hoping to bring someone into the tribe. 



Kassi is a proud mother to her rogue born baby, Peaches II. She is trying to secure her a spot onto the ports.



Fennel takes in Skyrie after her parents Kokonut and Jonas have passed away.


Vandukvan appears from the grasses visiting Rame, they aren't compatible but Rame has some feelings for him nonetheless.



The drought begins making most berry bushes useless to collectors like Rame.



Rame has her baby with the new male.


Little Citrus is born and his parents decide to keep him on the island.


This gorgeous rogue with the toxic body and melanism is starting a rampage!


Oh no..




We've arrived at the archipelago!


Peaches II Starts a family.






Oats & Honeydew are starting a family aswell!


Amanita is starting a family too!


Tide is born, look at those stripes!


Lisa's baby Doci is so cute.


Amanita is having her 1st baby!


Paprika, has the big ears, the wing, AND THE CRACKER JAW!


Paprika's father passed.


Can we just mention the amount of nests here?


Paprika's mother passed away, she is all alone.


Anamera joins the tribe, she reminds everyone of Adam.


Button and her friends go on an expedition to explore.

20181230110924_1.jpgAnasi joins the tribe, she is gorgeous!


Paprika has made some bunny friends to cope with the loss of her mother.


They have found Paprika!


Everyone is bonked on the head by a coconut!


Oats passes away, her child Dugar is very much grieving.


Thanks for reading this, now here is the new leader list!

Hercules, Cookie, Pineapple, Tide, Ganoush, and Lily.

I picked them because they all had home island immunity!\


Slot4 (3).nichesave

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2 hours ago, bostonlobstah said:

You can go again, or I can give it a go today or tomorrow


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