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Community Challenge (long winter)


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For @Brokenshock's challenge. I didn't have high hopes for this tribe at the start, but the tribe is somehow STILL ALIVE after 150 days (I played for 2 hours). I'll post the first few screenshots in this post, and post the next few in the replies. I don't have good screenshots because things were really hectic for the first few generations. If you have any name suggestions you can comment them below but please don't suggest a name for a specific nicheling until I ask for name ideas for that creature.


Decent starters, however they don't have the digging paws. I decided to start anyway because I was stupid. rip my tribe20190103143420_1.thumb.jpg.ac5ed54e15b8b867b90ddab6e7e1493f.jpg

😮 the first glacier has a digging trunk!20190103143643_1.thumb.jpg.b97ee306202eb8ff4515c3f7d1c9a5b0.jpg

The tribe tries to catch a walrus deer for the food.20190103143953_1.thumb.jpg.d38be15d21b2ec5ab5a3bfa78a3d39ba.jpg

The digging trunk has had a purr snout child who is being attacked by a ramfox and a bear! Luckily he survived. And the pairing had similar immunities, but he wasn't sick. Also the blind nicheling was invited into the tribe later, and she defended her tribemates from the bear and foxes.


the snow melted. more bears. and this thing popped up out of nowhere.20190103144504_1.thumb.jpg.c80492c6e3960379f7e400932fd4d784.jpg

infertile boi20190103144659_1.thumb.jpg.c067e3d6c3c526948a0c576c17f08898.jpg

the winged nicheling gave birth to this cute digging trunk! SHE WILL GET US SO MUCH FOOD

I have like 100 more screenshots but i'm too lazy to post them rn so have these for now

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25 minutes ago, heyitsgeorgie said:

wait wait wait


150 days?? im on 20 and ive been playing for like an hour

w o w

also I have never started on long winter and lived, nice job

I kept the numbers small so the days were shorter, and i'm also really shocked the tribe survived that long. I never start on hard islands apart from jungle gate or summer mountains, I guess we were just lucky with the first glacier to have a trunk and the abundance of prey.

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I feel personally challenged now because I never managed to survive on long winter when I started there. Looks like I gotta try it till I make it ^^ (or since I joined up in the challenge to maybe I get long winter to and can try it... and probably fail but what ever XD )

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sorry for taking a long time to post, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the screenshots folder for every single picture and i'm lazy


The balance bear is killed, leaving the tribe with a fair amount of food. However, the numbers are dropping...20190103161953_1.thumb.jpg.a57740c70b646231cf261a30a69e9d2a.jpg

i'm so stupid. we don't even have enough nesting material for Anaana. EDIT: HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THE NEST BEHIND HER? i'm so dumb....20190103162059_1.thumb.jpg.93f40095221f2409da54595d84489889.jpg

There are however plenty of rabbits, so food is not as much of an issue as i expected.20190103162140_1.thumb.jpg.23bf1f93f3dfe11b62687a9ce133f94f.jpg

Our blind warrior gives birth to an awesome but sick baby named Isis!20190103162159_1.thumb.jpg.c14c998a3d7bd61f5b950b9005fc5271.jpg

It's Reko's last day, but she has done so much for the tribe. Rest in peace my beautiful blind child.20190103162251_1.thumb.jpg.b220c6e1bd9621e0cef537b2d30d6574.jpg

A male is born, named Nuvan. He has a few flaws, but is overall a pretty good nicheling.20190103162342_1.thumb.jpg.6486769652c7c15c384ae719a7b03435.jpg

A sick wanderer near the end of his days comes just at the right time. We need more nichelings in the tribe!20190103162404_1.thumb.jpg.2b3261303c5e32febed244426d61fff1.jpg

Duknuku defrosts the ice, revealing a young ancient warrior, Dukkir.

More later!

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more niche challenge yey20190103162602_1.thumb.jpg.e2316cbe66138fe9539e14e29a1245fc.jpg

LALA COME HERE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL DON'T GET EATEN BY THAT BEAR-20190103162637_1.thumb.jpg.89e4a9a886f895092fcf773ba3ed26e1.jpg

A lot of stuff spawned. We have a walrus deer, rabbils and THREE BALANCE BEARS also a new baby girl was born and we're running low on females so that's good20190103162826_1.thumb.jpg.fa830d2929da5fe7c73cf17105eb1515.jpg

i risked dukkir's life to get lala(well not really but he's shortsighted and could be eaten by a beqr). and she can't even have his child.... NICHE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME20190103162847_1.thumb.jpg.110f05958e67b6215625682f211221b7.jpg

Dukkir goes off into the mountains to fight the balance bears following him. This gives Nuvan and the baby time to hunt and dig.20190103163012_1.thumb.jpg.1deb8dde39eea71975a152f2b296ff71.jpg

However, Nuvan gets cold and has to keep up with the rest of the tribe. Another bear joins and the tribe size is the same as the bears.20190103163130_1.thumb.jpg.f1540d7c88d594084d54efbefa6d3cf7.jpg

A white creature, hidden in the snow appears! 20190103163157_1.thumb.jpg.7fffba3aeb4757c865967fd47dcf2606.jpg

He looks cool, but he won't help much and shares similar immunities to the tribe.20190103163208_1.thumb.jpg.b04a37e9c4550072d5631fa37e9023ab.jpg


The snow melts, uncovering yet another snowy white creature. There are now more creatures joining the tribe.20190103163507_1.thumb.jpg.8d9fe97c9d029194e9e5bf03ce4a5c95.jpganother creature who can't build a nest...20190103163655_1.thumb.jpg.c640bac621b2a9ada94d27f557ee2ce6.jpg

Dukduk passes away, leaving behind a strong but sickly daughter. 20190103163723_1.thumb.jpg.782edd266c2f110c9340e823213df869.jpgdeath 


Lame is infertile! At least she'll help with gathering food and calling for wanderers


I actually thought that the tribe would be dead by now. But then Kukirta showed up! He's old, but at least there is a mate for the digging trunk (i forgot her name because i wasn't bothered to name the creatures, as i didn't want to get too attached to the tribe until they had a stable food supply and population)!

20190103164052_1.jpgfertility problems20190103164233_1.jpg

Meis is born! She has albinism, good digging skill and PEACOCK TAIL! 


Roku, our sickly saber fanged creature's child, is born.


But then, the tribe's population dropped again, leaving behind three survivors, one infertile. 

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Now there are only 2 nichelings in the tribe. I thought I was about to lose them just about now...20190103164946_1.thumb.jpg.93adfc1a7d659f645d23dec524632f93.jpg

A beautiful chocolate wanderer joins the tribe, only to get attacked by a rogue male. lovely.20190103165022_1.thumb.jpg.b9a160a6b8b7d6baa44a903d742a9520.jpg

At least the wanderer had the gathering skill, giving Meis enough material to make a nest! Reanara is born! She looks like her mother, but has the derp snout and unfortunately cannot dig.20190103165227_1.thumb.jpg.83ab229f894eaceea44e4bae8b7a4216.jpg

I tried to mate Meis and Roku, but the fertility was too low... i swear i almost lost it at this point 20190103165423_1.thumb.jpg.1b9f5e858b72181bfd230c8c7868325e.jpg20190103165727_1.thumb.jpg.e517a2bbf32d5bd76bfad20a4a23f206.jpg

Meis has a child called Mela!20190103170050_1.thumb.jpg.63a429f3ed37a784ba16c0ac6343359c.jpg

The child of the rogue's daughter, Taduk, is also born!20190103170506_1.thumb.jpg.e45911256acdef1e1f46b54d74652260.jpg

Ramfoxes attack the nest. Also Kuro is sick! But the tribe is slowly adapting to the island.20190103170643_1.thumb.jpg.98c9779d628d71c7bfab140ca8fcf08c.jpg

The digging trunk comes back into the tribe!20190103170814_1.thumb.jpg.2d8912af1fde8bfef8631c9f56321ea2.jpg

More trunks!20190103171003_1.thumb.jpg.d8e0bc5d495ba1c3e2c0bc4c24beb216.jpg

The tribe is growing!20190103171153_1.thumb.jpg.473e90cc0f21374e420a5c302807e3ec.jpg


Even more trunks!20190103171456_1.thumb.jpg.2a97d2833bb00cbf66b788645a3118c6.jpg

ooof she was named after Jessimew's goddess of war? 😮20190103171558_1.thumb.jpg.89c48bb4da518c28bfdfd5df71907619.jpg

The tribe gets more skilled at catching meat!20190103171940_1.thumb.jpg.dad68d59ff298a46e3dce4e09635a58c.jpg20190103172044_1.thumb.jpg.e12d837a226332f31cee0e66242dff81.jpg

A half winged warrior is born!20190103172222_1.thumb.jpg.1f426a5829bdce43029f5964b8ff707e.jpg

more infertility...20190103172252_1.thumb.jpg.2bd4f9e0a40cb16c250862de510aeb48.jpg

Roro is used as bait (sorry Roro) but this bear is really old! I guess somebody can kill the bear soon20190103172559_1.thumb.jpg.e590ee7f4743b096b25a2335800d482a.jpg

The family tree!



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Cleaning out the last of the screenshots I currently have!20190103172729_1.thumb.jpg.bb19e95554ca8371bb08bece42790ed8.jpg

Another anameme. wow.20190103173131_1.thumb.jpg.beb0beeb3aa9feddcad5e5fa9892bdbd.jpg

The peacock nicheling finds his long lost brother!20190103173351_1.thumb.jpg.545ba46c43f99c1ce7aefc663315b89f.jpg

another creature with only 1 wing...20190103173746_1.thumb.jpg.14192c2dcee0b62888b4618f2c07c937.jpg

A walrus deer has been taken down, but a hungry bear seems to be interested in all that meat.20190103173953_1.thumb.jpg.239d3e95ecbab1b2f440f69c0d2f8231.jpg

Anameme and Lakoana are separated from the rest of the tribe. They try to keep warm in the hot springs.20190103174142_1.thumb.jpg.f5ce99a2fd0fcd770deef6353965e4c5.jpg

Lakoana is getting old, so she has her child.20190103174324_1.thumb.jpg.fc9c083141bc0a50ba797d1760562f98.jpg

Kois is born with almost perfect genes!20190103174542_1.thumb.jpg.b06dc8844fd0810dceb0be59e4d08f92.jpg

The first winged creature, Dukku!20190103193820_1.thumb.jpg.bf3db723b8896bf84261142778b83322.jpg

150 days.20190103194053_1.thumb.jpg.6a6e89db0a34a6333220c94b087e09cb.jpg

attacc the bluebirb20190103194058_1.thumb.jpg.aa9b6c92bfd09aca59241efaec16fade.jpg

Dukku kills the bluebirb, giving the tribe plenty of food.20190103194503_1.thumb.jpg.4799b47b75a4dcf97eb26b45a127b452.jpg

i just realised that reis is trying to kill her father oh no


more rogues20190103194708_1.thumb.jpg.d0221d0c119451f6a7f730d8173d4e29.jpg

Memesi hides behind her tribemates and the rocks. However, her tribemate Anala wasn't so lucky. The new babies are Feather and Snowdrop.20190103194919_1.thumb.jpg.24e6ce89af4d7b676cf3f8d6ac67c77f.jpg

More babies! Feather and Snowdrop are ready to leave the nest and start getting some bluebirb and bunny meat for the tribe yay20190103195142_1.thumb.jpg.9638ff66175e6b6c96edf56fcbae9312.jpg

One of the rogue male's children just attracted his half-brother!20190103195336_1.thumb.jpg.ad3f8ea9c55a6ae7dfbe5cfa379d7924.jpg

Snowdrop is hunting with her father. She has taken down her first bluebirb!20190103195502_1.thumb.jpg.bcdd926e69a8ebfac5d26789365d98dd.jpg

Reis has gotten lost. She survives on rabbil meat, and is also being stalked by 2 bears20190103195638_1.thumb.jpg.ac587ed4966e5d5c99cb23781dfbd92c.jpg

You look cool, but you don't have the best genes...20190103195708_1.thumb.jpg.cb3ad4f752f589274e3f869243ba3978.jpg

The kids (i know they're teens but nichelings age up way too fast) are learning to hunt.20190103195816_1.thumb.jpg.e9d22204d8310de23a590a95b7ffdf76.jpg

A saber fanged warrior is born, reminding the tribe of the great warrior of the past, Dukkir.20190104144401_1.thumb.jpg.ef487b5e2f1a696f407284757942d4f9.jpg

Vanvanduk's brother is born too! 20190104144529_1.thumb.jpg.3f019c459b96ea8b9dcce93951596b8e.jpg

Snowdrop and Feather notice the lost and cold rogue out in the snow, and offer to warm her up.20190104144712_1.thumb.jpg.e839128b125bc87478bcaff879ccb54f.jpg

Vanvanduk catches his first meal!

So this is what i've done so far... if anyone has any name suggestions for the saber tooth creatures or names to use in the future, post them in the comments!


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On 1/3/2019 at 12:25 PM, Larouxxiaa said:

digging trunk has had a purr snout child who is being attacked by a ramfox and a bear! Luckily he survived. And the pairing had similar immunities, but he wasn't sick

The only words I saw: Digging trunk, sick. Your lucky. Menarak has yet to come and make your tribe diseased. You have been warned. . . THE DIGGING TRUNK CURSES YOUR TRIBE.

Saber-tooth names: should be or Big-Tooth or Diego (If you've seen Ice Age then you know where I got this name from) 

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time to get back into the tribe!20190105103525_1.thumb.jpg.91ec9dfad375f53e4d7eef176720adc4.jpg

Meet the two fearsome sabertooth warriors, Diego and Pinkie Cupcake!20190105103721_1.thumb.jpg.80e148aa1eda628cb941e8e00e584262.jpg

more rogues...20190105103813_1.thumb.jpg.f56b589acb9b3ca0e1bc320a5582489f.jpg

balance bears and walrus deer20190105103824_1.thumb.jpg.adba2922b169bdb9fdd390c57fb436b7.jpg

Ember takes down a walrus deer. Pudding (female winged nicheling) is impressed.20190105103912_1.thumb.jpg.2e59d0f54de942c705a86152c3fefb5b.jpg

Pinkie wants to prove that he's stronger than his brother, though Diego is older and bigger. Pinkie tries to take down a balance bear all by himself, but Reis drags him away just before the balance bear attacks. An elder derp snout comes to help.20190105104044_1.thumb.jpg.32a9b7287d90e3c67bad6de33fdbfb45.jpg

Kois has caught an illness from the rogue child she took in. Furious, she sends him off into the snow to fend for himself.20190105104201_1.thumb.jpg.414d136b1ccb2046c41f14135db334e2.jpg

The winged creatures don't trust Diego due to his sharp fangs and steer clear from him.20190105104243_1.thumb.jpg.033360ea7aff8b46452d3f6f307f4f2f.jpg

Takunu is alone :(20190105104305_1.thumb.jpg.076c352c90323cf765735d0359effe98.jpgA rogue male visitor steals the hot spring. Pinkie attacks him, and the rogue dies. Some of the creatures start to get a bit scared of him, as he just killed someone of his own kind.20190105104342_1.thumb.jpg.28d821285bf15f63027e73ede57a557f.jpg20190105104342_1.thumb.jpg.28d821285bf15f63027e73ede57a557f.jpg20190105104539_1.thumb.jpg.bd6fdbcf4bd100ff3a2375140d8b6560.jpg

More wings! Diego is forced to stay away from the babies (he is actually right next to them but let's just say that he's far away from them I just don't want my creatures to freeze)

Screenshots of the babies (snowdrop, the female digging trunk's screenshot somehow didn't save)


i'm terrible at naming


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