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Been a while since I did a Warriors playthrough, eh? Well, you're in luck if you wanted to see more of it, because ya girl going into a community challenge set in Overgrown Jungle! 
No console is allowed, so here's a gloss-over of the rules for the occasion:
- True to warriors litters, I'm going to have queens have offspring in groups of 1-4 using a random number generator.
- I will not include the "nine lives" factor that I have in past playthroughs.
- Since there's no moving islands, I will rather adapt the story to where my island is the clan's given territory, and that is where they will stay.
Our starting couple is Junglestar and his mate Brighteye. Junglestar is a gentle and brotherly leader, joking and conversing casually with his clan members whenever he can. Brighteye is naive and quiet, but also impulsive.
Junglestar and Brighteye decide that a wise decision upon founding the clan is having kits, so they do. Their first litter consists of three kits; Trailblaze, Lightrush, and Rumortwist.
The she-kit is named Trailblaze. Modest, hard, and kind, Trailblaze marks a great start for the clan; however, she's a bit naive.
The oldest tom is named Lightrush. He is lazy and a prankster, holding the mischievous heart of his father. He is a dark-colored tom with red, yellow, and pink gems.
The youngest kit, a tom named Rumortwist. Named for his also mischievous nature, he is the lighter-colored tom.
Here is the litter:
Brighteye and Junglestar have another litter some time after, this one consisting of only one kit. They name him Muzzleclaw. Muzzleclaw is very easily annoyed, but hides his anger by staying silent and keeping his muzzle shut.
Unfortunately, Rumortwist is caught by a carnivorous plant and dies of his injuries. Trailblaze, who tries to free him, is wounded in the process.
While the clan grieves, they are joined by a wanderer female named Runningleg. Quirky and quick-witted, she has a charming way of speaking. Being familiar with the jungle, she helps guide the clan through it.
Junglestar dies, naming Muzzleclaw as the new leader due to his spry young age. Trailblaze, who is near death, mourns a bit because she has never had kits. Muzzlestar, hearing this and tired of her whining, offers to be a surrogate father. (this is the worst way to continue the story but their immunity is compatible)
Agreeing, Trailblaze has a litter of two surviving kits- Summerwind and Swiftshade.
Summerwind is calm and clever, but a bit impulsive.
Swiftshade is proud and determined, but only to hide his insecurities.

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Muzzlestar dies and names Summerwind as next leader.
Summerstar finds an orphaned kit while exploring clan territory and takes him in. She names him Heavycut due to his deep injuries that will probably keep him that way for life. He is quiet and impulsive as he grows up, finding it hard to listen to commands.
Summerstar, noticing low clan population, sits on a stump and calls for any wanderers. She finds, after some searching, a handsome tom named Youngelk. he is relaxed and a prankster, but always makes sure his tricks never endanger or harm his victims.
Youngelk becomes Summerstar's mate, and they have a litter of two: Crabcreeper and Divethunder.

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1 hour ago, medicine cat said:

Youngelk becomes Summerstar's mate, and they have a litter of two: Crabcreeper and Divethunder.

I literally read Crapbeeper and was really confused.

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