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A late happy new year!


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Hello everyone!

It's a bit late but I'd like to wish you all a happy new year! All people from Stray Fawn took a few days off over new year to recover, but now we're back on track :) 

Thank you all who stayed with us during the last year. I hope we can have a nice 2019 together.


Thanks and cheers,

Markus and everybody from Stray Fawn Studio



Hint: The text on the GIF means "Happy new year" in japanese ;) 


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Chinese year of the pig, or japanese year of the boar. Unfortunately my research was lacking, so I mistook the two :) 

Yes, it was hand drawn/animated with an Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Animate combination. I used a Dell Canvas (which I would not recommend) to draw on, but any normal tablet would work as well :) 

(First I started with Photoshop, but it's so cumbersome with the timeline, that I switched over to Adobe Animate. The next animation I try with Clip Studio Paint :) )

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I only use the basic functionality of the "frame timeline" (not video). My main gripe with it is that if you toggle frames, it does not automatically switch active layers. This is especially annoying if you draw frame by frame animations and you quickly want to toggle between frames to check and add lines, but to be able to draw you have to move your cursor over to the side and re-select the correct layers. This makes it very cumbersome as you always have to replace your cursor on your drawing and kills your flow constantly. There are plugins/tools which make it better to use but I haven' tried them.

One solution would be that Photoshop would remember the currently selected layers for each frame, so that it makes quickly drawing on several frames easier :) If anyone knows of such a setting, please tell me ^^

(photoshop rant over xD )

[edit] I just read that the video timeline might solve this problem. I have to check it out some time. Habits (and tools) are hard to change :) 

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I haven't animated in Photoshop in a while; I tinkered with it a while making people animated forum signatures while acting as a moderator on a rather crowded forum way back when; it was part of my "Community Outreach" efforts.  :) Photoshop has better tools than Photoshop, but at the time my student copy of Photoshop was all I had in terms of professional tools.

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