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Community Tribe Challenge, Take II. {Oasis}


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Finally I am starting the mission to do @Brokenshock tribe challenge, you may ask "BUT KITTEN I THOUGHT YOU WENT EXTINCT" no I didn't the better way to say this is that i'm a idiot and cleared my save files without thinking.  Anyways without further ado, let us start Act I, Take II.

First things first, we have Strawberry reincarnated from the old save, and Shepherd. Just seeing them without peeking at their genes I see potential as well as famine and failure. Will they survive? Find out next time on OASIS TRIBE! 



With Shepherd I see a lot of potential, such as his recessive big ears for keeping him cool, his claw to fish, and his cracker jaw to eat those coconuts & shells. Of course with potential comes bad things, like the blind eye recessive he has.



Strawberry looks like a flame with a bit of ice into her eyes, she has big ears recessive and a hopeful swimming tail looming in the recessive genes. The blind eye follows shortly after her, so there is a chance for a blind child with them.


As they head of the grassy ports onto the new land, they spot a crabbit with Shepherds claw, they are successful of snatching it from the tides, and cooling themselves down with the lukewarm water.


They make their way into the tall grasses, and Strawberry gives birth to baby Paprika, luckily she has those big ears, and that oh so useful claw, also that cracker jaw!


I decide to name her Paprika because of her spice like look. Unfortunately she was not able to escape the shadow of the blind eyes.


As she gets older and starts to toddle away from the nest, she spots some fish and shells in the water and decides this a good chance to get some food, not realizing she's going to get a sibling.


Young Coriander is born, he looks very similar to Paprika except he doesn't have those lucky big ears.


This baby has completely fine eyesight! He has no chance of passing on anything bad to his children.


Paprika skitters off into the grasses, while her family is distracted with the gift of rain, Paprika becomes lost finding herself near the Oasis, she dips her paws into the fresh water spotting those new types of fish wondering how they'd taste.


Little Pepper is born, she seems more petite than Coriander, or Paprika, she seems like she'd rather stick the traditional way of picking berries up, and tending to the nest being a nest mother.


Unfortunately she wasn't lucky enough to snag a claw or big ears, without genes like the claw you wouldn't stand a chance in the hot dry weather of the Oasis, the water looks promising but the land does not.


Strawberry the II is born, having her mothers flare Strawberry immediately takes a liking to her naming her after herself vainly.


PFFFT! Are you from the jungle? Her siblings would joke looking at her paws while her mother snaps at them.


Paprika gets her first taste of those freshwater fish, they are so juicy and soft, being the perfect meal to fill her starving stomach during the famine.


Strawberry realizes that Paprika hasn't been home for awhile and he sends  Coriander out to look for her, he witnesses her splashing in the water catching fish left and right, she begins to teach him to fish and they are inseparable. 


Chili is born, he has his mothers flare and that deep red pelt, making him look like a flame in the savannahs grasses.


Chili & Strawberry II are victim to a lot of bullying by their siblings, sneering at their velvet paws joking about their jungle origins.


Rogue males begin to sprout from the grass hoping to impregnate any adult female.


Cumin is born {Yes I changed his name} he is perfect, being the only creature with the purr snout to his name, no doubt in his parents mind that he won't be the leader, those big ears and claw will also help help greatly with survival.


That purr snout will be useful if the famine truly does strike, starving creatures left and right.


Strawberry & Shepherd pass away by each others sides, the family begins to grieve and elects Cumin as the new leader & founder.


Our new heir is Cumin, let's see what adventures he gets into during his lifetime! I'm going to play in heir intervals, so depends on how long they live for!

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Act II Take II.

Young Cumin becomes the new leader, knowing how much pressure is on his shoulders he accepts.20190108172741_1.jpg

Him and Pepper gaze at each other, not being able to find a female is bad enough, but let alone breeding with your sibling?!


As young Lulu is born, a rogue female comes up to check her out, just as she appears.. she was gone again.



Unfortunately Paprika has passed away leaving Coriander with the question whether he can go on or not.


Opie is Born, unfortunately without a claw to be seen, not even a trace.



Kuba is born with a swimming paw & a claw!



Lila is born with a swimming paw, possibly she could help lead fish towards fishers?



Lulu finds a coconut tree as well as Strawberry II.


Cumin calls the tribe to him, to reveal the frightening decision to release creatures with a claw or swimming gene due to the famine.


He and the last remaining creatures make there way to the middle of the oasis catching fish on the way.


Lila finds herself a nest and arranges to mate with Kuba as it's her only option.


Baby Webcap is born right as Cumin passes away, we will miss you!



This is the end, for now! Webcap will be our new leader!

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I learned never to banish creatures just make the omegas because the could have precious unique immunities or be a distraction to killer bearyenas (Though you won't get those there) also I've learned you can make nests underwater. But I am not sure if the baby will drown...

though I think when they can't move they won't... I THINK

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1 hour ago, Kitten said:

nope the babies will drown, learned that accidentally.

Ahh... BREED THE GILLED/WATERBODIED BABIES THEN MAKE CAMP IN THE WATER (To unlock them in mutation menu you can just put the omegas to work swimmin around)

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1 hour ago, Kitten said:

Perfect thanks! The main reason was famine!

This will help you with bearyenas and could make fish swarms go next to pregnant females who need to stay on the nest. Also kill some bearyenas once you get double-claws w/ ram horns (Or 3 attack for 2 nichelings should kill them pretty quick) I am great at analyzing nichelings and islands I know :3

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