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If this feature was added there would be ‘kidnapper’ nichelings. These could be male or female and they want a child REALLY badly. They could be infertile or just never found a mate. If one of your baby nichelings is unguarded they could swoop in and snatch it just like the bluebird. They would take the baby somewhere on the island. If you hit the kidnapper hard enough or kill it you’ll get you baby back. It would have the red border if you sense it by hearing or smell (just like the rogue male). They would probably appear in harder islands, where there’s more danger. I got this idea from how many times I release a nichelings and they go to a nest where a newborn baby is. I always think ‘what’s if their gonna kidnap it?’ These nichelings could Maybe be even ones you’ve released. It would add some extra fun and danger into the game. 

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Oh, I like this idea. This would be so much fun. As a tweak, perhaps they would be like the Rouge Males, but as baby kidnappers they would be Rogue Females. Then their behavior pattern would be:

1. Hanging around nests like dodomingos. Rogue females are unable to be recruited into the tribe. 

2. Kidnap an unattended baby.

3. Once a baby is acquired, the Rogue female behaves like a mother bearyena with the child following behind her. 

4. You can take the baby back by killing the female and offering the baby food.

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