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Hi there, wanted to share some characters of mine I've drawn:



Laana, a seer of the sea descended from Seri's Doeli:




and Yuki, a fan-incarnation of Seri's snow god:


Hope you like. They are all digital over scanned pencil.

Oh and they're all from a story (is fic allowed?) but when the sandbox update comes out I'll probably make in-game replicas for fun.

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No in all honesty these are phenominal! Oh god I actually really love these :o

Kois especially looks so cool! Ahhh I love your style so much!

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Ah thanks guys. The process is really kind of primitive compared to what I've seen these days, it's just a flats layer, multiply layer for the shadows, soft light layer for highlights. The pencil lineart is a multiply layer over everything. As for fur, lots of small strokes, that's all I can say, but it takes time.

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Some more!

Vankirvan: another of the not-yet-introduced club. I had fun with his design, it's kind of silly but fun. Where else can you get away with a toxic catbeaversquirrelfrog?


Some secondary characters I came up with to fill out the new island explorers' ranks. Kind of designed them to look like early game unspecialised creatures.


And as a bonus, a cave-style Tata, from an in-story creation myth about how nichelings got their different genes and Tata, being Tata, ruined it for everyone:


Oh, and here's the story all these guys are from: Snowtouched. (take this down if it's not allowed?)

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I am glad to see people are enjoying Snowtouched, there are not enough Niche fics out there and I want to keep filling the gap. (That and it's practically the only thing I'm capable of writing fanfic for because it's so sandboxy.)

Here's some more: the explorers, some of the bit characters who tagged along. Left to right: Kirro, Iskome, Tanu, and Meana.


And a young Kois with her mother, Ala:


No requests sorry, they are too much time, but I may do trades.

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