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Welcome to Med Cat's Whims challenge~!
I'm modifying the rules a bit, but it's still gonna be as unpredictable as ever, just you wait.
I kinda miss having a generator deciding something wild for me and then feeling like, "how am I gonna write this in?"
I'll be using random number generator and fantasynamegenerators' name generator so I can have everything be decided for me.

A brief overview of my rules:
If a nicheling is injured, I will roll from 1-4. If 1-2, they are unharmed for the most part. If I roll 3, they have to retire from being a warrior. If i roll 4, they die. If a nicheling contracts illness there are similar conditions. If a kit is born ill, however, they only life if i roll a 1.
No matter how unfitting the name is from the RNG, I must keep it and incorporate it into the cat's personality. If it defies warrior code, like ending in "star" if not a leader, I may just keep the first half of the name or add a new suffix.or every new leader, I will go around the clan and roll 1-4 for each member. If I get a 4, they support their new leader. If I get a 3, they're neutral. If I get a 2, they want to rebel against the new leader. If I get a 1, they want to leave the clan.
For every mating pair, I roll 1-4 and the litter size will be the number I get.
The island I choose to go to next once I conquer the island I'm on will be dependent on numbers.
The color gems a nicheling has will depend on the numbers I roll, too.
Mutations will be randomly chosen, and I cannot look at genes.
Without further ado...
Let us begin.

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We start our story with Runningstar, an ambitious young tom with hopes of starting a clan. He's clever, but would rather turn and run away from a brawl than fight.
Runningstar encounters Shortpaw, a dark red she-cat. Despite her apprentice name, she is fully grown, and is only still named as such because she ran away from her home clan as a teenager. She is fiercely independent, and it takes awhile for Runningstar to gain the trust of her- and eventually to become her mate.
Finally, Shortpaw gives birth to three kits- two she-kits and one tomkit. They are named Nettle, Ravensea, and Cloudstorm.
Nettle is the oldest. He is timid, quiet, and sweet.
Cloudstorm is the middle kit, and is a she-kit. She is relaxed and a bit quiet. She holds a loneliness, but hides it with confidence.
Ravensea, the darker red kit, bears the image of her mother. She is the youngest.
The clan moves to a new island- tiny green.
Runningstar lives his last days happily on the new territory before dying. Shortpaw dies a day after he. This leaves their children to decide who will come in as the new leader. They agree that the most capable is Nettlestar and he is crowned as the new leader of Whimclan.
A new male joins the clan. His name is Cootdusk, and he is playful and sweet. But who will he end up with?

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Cootdusk becomes the mate of Ravensea. She, like her mother, is not one to easily become wooed, but Cootdusk's pure heart wins her over.The two of them have a starting litter of two kits- Ebony and Raven.
Raven is named as such because she bears similarity to her mother. She is the older of the two kits. Ebony is named by Cootdusk for his pitch black eyes. Raven is impulsive and gentle, while Ebony is calm and laid-back.
Nettlestar dies, and the clan debates as to who shall be the new leader. Ebony and Raven, who are now full grown, seem to be the most able to lead since they are the youngest in the clan. Raven is the one to take over, now Ravenstar.
Cootdusk and Ravensea, meanwhile, are too busy raising a new kit to pay too much attention to clan politics. They name their kit Hare. She is gentle and doesn't like to assert her opinion much.
Ebony falls in love with a wanderer female named Specklelegs. She is very extroverted and has some sarcasm in her speech, but she is very careful and tries to make an educated decision in everything that she does.
Specklelegs reciprocates Ebony's feelings, and they have two kits.They have a tomkit, Pricklelegs, and a she-kit, Maplestream.
Pricklelegs has a similar disposition to his mother, but is a bit more sassy and a bit less careful. Maplestream, meanwhile, is lonely. She has problems connecting with other members of the clan and rarely engages in conversation. She feels as if she does not fit in, and as if she will never fit in anywhere. One night, she is considering leaving the clan when a strange cat she has never seen before stops her.
"You are too important to this clan to leave it," he orders. His ginger pelt shines under the moonlight. "You feel disconnected from the world because you are far more intertwined with the next."
"I don't know how to fix it," she says.
"You don't need to fix it," he orders. "You shouldn't fix it. You are to be the clan's first medicine cat, Maplestream."
With that, he fades into starlight. The next morning, Maplestream informs her aunt of what she saw.
"That must have been Runningstar," Ravenstar states, looking at Maplestream in a serious manner. "You have to follow his words. If Starclan has contacted you about your destiny, you cannot change it. You will be the clan's first medicine cat."

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Soon, Maplestream is once again visited by Starclan. She encounters a male that is a lighter color than the first, but has the same glint in his eye.
"It is time for your clan to move on," he states. "This island is too small for you. For what is to come."
"We haven't moved in generations, Nettlestar," she responds respectfully.
"Go. Tell Ravenstar." He fades, giving her no more reassurance; just the same ringing command in her mind.
"We have to leave," Maplestream says to Ravenstar. "It is our clan's time."
The clan moves at Ravenstar's command. They find themselves on the shore of an expansive meadow.
Ravenstar dies, and Hare takes over the clan. Meanwhile, Ebony and Specklelegs are having one more litter. They have three kits, but only two survive. They are named Bearswoop and Freebush.
Bearswoop is the eldest and is male. Like a gentle giant, he is calm and tries not to hurt anyone. Freebush is shy and quirky. Unfortunately, Ebony dies shortly after his kits are born, so they are raised by Specklelegs.

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