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Summer Mountain playthrough

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I was assigned Summer Mountains as a random island. 

These starters aren't great, but she is just so cute and they have double fluffy tail+ purrsnout.


Great island layout, though. Settling down goes well, until...


But there's a healing plant. So it doesn't really matter.


The all male curse. But my first wanderer has recessive poison fangs, so that's a very luck round so far.


Save for the constant assault. But hey, free genes!


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It attacked my worst nicheling. Poor guy, but the startes can't die yet.


Also, more poison genes.


And a horrible, horrible lean bodied rogue male >:(


Didn't get to the new female, though. I can really only send a male after the bearyena cub, but it's better than losing it.

This won't ever stop, will it?


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I onlt have two berry bushes, so that's a heavy loss. Thankfully, she has hemophilia.

These guys had a really pretty son with recessive poison fangs. Sadly, he isn't compatible with the only healthy female. His mother is just about to pass away.

Finally caught the other wanderer.



And another female. I guess she's alright. Someone needs to follow that bearyena.


Time for her to have her only child.


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Oh, no. He got the worst genes possible. (Save for big body)


I wouldn't usually keep him, but with a tribe so weak, he can guard the nursery.

I'd hate to kill this otherwise decent wanderer, but she has zero cold genes and keeps stealing my food.


That's... an interesting looking child. For sure won't lose the digging paw.


Another bearyena baby with bad genes.


At least they're breedable, if not compatible. I am happy with that.

But Dukkir almost lost his father today.


Always irrationally amusing when a rogue appears and there are 0 hot singles in the area. "K." *Wanders off*.


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It seems the nicheling gods have smiled on that Digger, as he found a real catch.


Or not. She just ran off.


At least this one passed on all good genes to her daughters, purrsnout included.

One of them is compatible with the grandson of the first creature with poison fangs. 


He's an albino with mask. 


The wanderer returned. Can't run away now, bearyena be damned.

Poor Kolala got rogued while I caught the wanderer. She'll just have to stay by the berry bush. Sometimes I regret pairings with one much older nicheling.


And the bearyena keeps running from his frog-legged daughter


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These two should be a great match, too.


They certainly look very cute together.

Only hammertail in the iceblock. Damn.


I have to say, one bearyena every two days was a lot better than one rogue.


Finally caught the bearyena. On its last day...


No luck with the scorpion tail, but another baby with recessive poison fangs. She's compatible with her half-brother and his son. Since they're the same age, they'll be the new breeding pair.


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These 4 have 6 immunity genes and all desirable recessives. Really need to clean up the pack.


The bearyena child was worth the effort. She's so beautiful.


(And has two novel immunities)

These guys might be meek, but strong enough to swarm.


Scary looking wanderer. Could use her to scout.


Found two more healing fruits close by. I guess the purrsnout won't be needed here. Useful in harder cold biome, though.

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And this particularly bright bearyena has chosen to appear before the strongest nicheling.


Yeah. Screw that one pawed albino over there. That claw looks so inviting! 

About to lose Dukkir. He's kind of everyone's dad. Really the end of a long era.


Even when these diggers are still around. They're starting to look less and less like the starters.

The saga of let's-go-for-the-most-unappealing-creature continues


Because these friends look totally harmless. Yes.

I'm just too lazy to bother at this point. They can just eat poison berries when the tribe size goes up too much.


I'll breed Rera the last time, even if it means no digging heiress. She shouldn't suffer her mother's fate.

These guys finally meet. Come to think of it, they're the only unrelated nichelings of the tribe.



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And none of hee children unlocked the head. Oh, well.


Only had one male, too. He doesn't even have one bearyena gene. 

It's a miracle these rogue males haven't been able to catch any of the non-breeding females since the first accident. I'd rather keep it that way.


Poor Meis was found by the balance bear, just as the first real toxic creature was born.




Another one. I guess the purrsnout lives on for now.

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I'm too lazy to keep all 8 immunities. This guy an one purr snout female will do.


Great genes on him, though. All he could inherit, in fact.

It seems all of the last generation will be lost today. Anare, the digging heiress, the last half bearyena, all dead.


Remember when I said that none of the out-stationed females had been impregnated? They got to the clawed wanderer.


That's just what you get when you don't allow incest. 

I'd breed Larame with her son otherwise, but this needs at least some challenge. This place isn't very eventful. I doubt the balance bear returns, but she can keep watch


It's finally back. Also, another chance for bearyena genes.


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The line of amazing, first born albinos continues.


That's one sleepy balance bear. Just refuses to move. Placed a nicheling on their last day next to him, didn't even attack.


That head gene just won't unlock


Anaresi keeps failing to get pregnant. 


And now she's dead. 


And so are the last of the digging line.


Killing the balance bear.


This is getting extremely tedious. I'll be leaving for the next island.

But at least with the bearyena snout and another heap of balance bear meat.

And the bearyena tribe has finally found a new male.


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I guess that's where it ends.

One tribe evolved the poison fangs and digging paw. (Roots are so plentiful that they don't need to smell.) Some purrsnouts. Medium to big body with some heat body. I'd remove it, but it was needed for the next island.


The other is mostly jet black fur, medium body+ tail. Double bearyena claw, some poison fangs, some cracker jaws. They hunt balance bears and bunills, but also crack nuts

I'll be leaving you wirh the most boring playthrough I have ever seen or done.



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