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@Snowy Owl
We keep getting reports that some achievement is not working and for each player it's a different one xD
We checked multiple times and found nothing wrong in the code.
I'm personally staring to think it's some kind of issue with Steam itself, but I'm not sure. Some thing that the client is not synching all the time.
Most people receive their achivement in the end, some after restarting the game, some just randomly after some time when the game finally seems to sync with Steam.

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On 2/1/2019 at 2:49 PM, Snowy Owl said:

i'm on Adams quest and i have also been on every island in the game yet it won't give me the globetrotter achievement.  

@Philo help?

thanks for letting me know.

 if i don't get it with that save, i'm not going to hunt for it again.

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