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Swamp guy #334


That poor mismatched platypus with dots.


Who looked a lot like everyone's favourite grandpa a few generations back.


These two watery moms in a lone wolf challenge.



Every poison fanged wanderer that would immediately die when invited.



All those awful wanderers that pass on their best genes.



Swamp guy #229


These are daughters of some. Propably doesn't count, but I love them. Sulphur/Sulfur and Persephone.


This one hired by the Dragon Tear cloning factory.




And her daughters.


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I have no screen shots but I started a playthrough... the male starter's name was Takir. So we wander a bit and find a wanderer eating from a berry bush... His name was Vankir 


Also 3 the two takirs from my DH - challenge playthrough.


Ania.png.883f684825f62c8d38fe5ffa3dcff54e.png< Her


BOSTONLOBSTAHWTHAREUDOINHERE.png.ed1c03f55deee1888239c7a76c4dd1fb.png < Bostonlobstah


Screenshot_2.png.db7acbf7dc21a8e451b5659ba8b4afd8.png < Yogurt?


Screenshot_11.png.3c86958e9b5b005d5e580726924a4f37.png< Smokey squrriel


Screenshot_12.png.85f7b06d471ef02533b5fe143ec5a7d9.png < Takir 3#


OMG.png.8de1556e2b94185f4afd55fbe752bb7d.png < I call him Jae


Screenshot_8.png.f2849c53fc1e07442439d5536d04bfd6.png< For some reason, this reminds me of Hitler


Screenshot_19.png.a1bb75fa53ae0ccc73eb2a21c6d8cc82.png < Descendant of Taku?


Mousie.png.ec100920c006762a79dd8185ffbb8007.png THIS TAKU


SCARYYYY.png.2849e01edd63a0154855e809aa7277f3.png < My Persona niche-ified. Came outta an ice block...


Screenshot_23.png.f33cfbda621171cb464a8ee8ab5f08cf.pngScreenshot_24.png.7cb1fbc93fae09963a2d1bd12e337f4d.png< Found both the same day >.< look like brothers



... Who is my favorite though?

OMG.png.8de1556e2b94185f4afd55fbe752bb7d.pngHe has 6 attack and beautifullness at max... ;-;



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Kirku was a wandering baby and came with the update that brought the antennas. He was my first Nicheling I ever had with antenna and immediatly was named God of weather.



Bostonlobstah/ Ralame. I found her shortly after we had the whole 'what would I look like as a Nicheling thing' and she was just perfect. She is the godess of free spirits.



Taro came in the same timespan and to the same tribe as Ralame. He was her mate. God of tracking and patience because he always has to track down his mate Ralame when she runs of again ^^ (they had a son who became god of diplomacy)


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34 minutes ago, Renio2490 said:

Green toxic body??

Well... I couldn't find a better, uh, 'job' for him. I mean, he has green Toxic Body, and 2 days later his daughter Zelena showed up, who also has green toxic body. 

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34 minutes ago, Renio2490 said:

So he's the green toxic body god instead of the toxic body god?

Idk... even his eyes were green. And it would be cool to have a god for each color of Toxic Body. 

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The next few are from my whims of fate tribe, with Seri's rules but both mutations are random. This is probably my luckiest tribe with wanderers20190218095854_1.thumb.jpg.9438acd24dab6d096df3bf5125a52294.jpg

Oh look it's Dragon Tear!

20190218093536_1.thumb.jpg.33138768a93a6e7c1bf2043ad92cfc62.jpg20190129210616_1.jpg.2cec6dab989b14b2c305688d2078d75d.jpg1340750583_yyaywanderer.png.2cfa53cd3d3e73cf703c89cda93cbdff.png I've already posted these two but i'm just showing that these were also from my whims tribe.They also happened to both be reincarnations of a creature I once had.


Pretty wanderer. :) 

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