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Azulu - New World!


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Here's a new world, that will be focused on Eve. This means, once I find Eve, I invite her in, then banish Adam, so that she's my starter. This save will have no use of console, and will be primarily story based. Enjoy!


The first island has at least four berry bushes! Wowee



Here's Eve! She's quite pretty.




It didn't take long for her to leave the island and find food.5.thumb.jpg.56497c664821534ea695f33043af71e7.jpg6.thumb.jpg.7345acaf99782472cb118d05cc48fc6d.jpg


Oh? Who's this? - After a lot of days of no luck, she finally finds someone! Meet Vandukkir. She definitely wouldn't of taken him in if it wasn't for that Peacock Tail!7.thumb.jpg.68485d17a986f858985482062e3b4805.jpg8.thumb.jpg.9de4d8b294cbdae637f94d5ee7093e47.jpg9.thumb.jpg.fd2cb477a017a14d974016cddf458062.jpg



She has two children with him, Nuvanvan and Laisla! I would've never expected Poison Fangs and Big Body...10.thumb.jpg.426a4336077eee4492f4fd98b59dd6e1.jpg11.thumb.jpg.4c26c38d48f561b0e1c47bd672682dd0.jpg



A wanderer! This guy is gonna be the perfect mate for Laisla!12.thumb.jpg.ce9c19e6e9416a3f6d7ab055b295e00c.jpg



 It's already time to say goodbye to Eve and Vandukkir. :(13.thumb.jpg.80ddd5270c3ff329f07e3ed18fc589f4.jpg14.thumb.jpg.b3d33f7c41d11d1334297f93b46cfe60.jpg



In brighter news, we managed to find that wanderer again! Laisla is already attached to Rota.15.thumb.jpg.619f580a02c43b07f451bdc3a73e55a1.jpg



Despite his sister, Nuvanvan doesn't think he'll ever have a mate, and instead he'll peacefully pluck berries from his berry bush.16.thumb.jpg.dec07bba243fb2ce8ca2b066b211f32c.jpg



Laisla is now full grown and has taken Rota as her mate.17.thumb.jpg.5fa90619efadc3bb94bc9ab8cf2b6666.jpg



A new face! Since she shares immunities with both males and isn't very useful in the first place, we won't invite her in.18.thumb.jpg.b0e3a6476c6e6efc6aa1fb6ec83b22f5.jpg



Here's Eve's first grandchild! She's also the first nicheling without a generated name. Meet Fawn!19.thumb.jpg.8be5f3918c5032401dfcbaca4ad77aa7.jpg



And that's it for now. I'll post updates on this save as much as I can. Oh, and also, here's the save, if you're curious!


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