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I made a bad sketch! Yay! Meringue has adopted Prince as his son, along with Sky. Sky is excited. She has never had a child before. Meringue is thinking about staying home with Sky instead of running off after other females. Then he'll be a better father for Prince and any future children between Meringue and Sky.


Real life Sky has adopted Renio into her Online Family. Which consists of her, you, two minecraftians, and one robloxian. She thinks you should make a creature that fully represents you (Niche persona, like Niche Sky, but Prince can still represent you like Meringue does for me), that way she can draw you and the rest of her Online Family together, instead of Prince. But she will draw Meringue and Sky and Prince together as well.

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32 minutes ago, Skysplash8 said:

oh yes also this came up on youtube. I wasn't sad but I watched it and it made me laugh so hopefully it makes you laugh too and be happy

weird person = everyone

Now whenever my friends are sad I’ll keep that in the back of my head


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The only survivor from the Peaceful tribe wants to join your group.


(He doesnt have a name, If you want you can name him)

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