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Just a day short of a week ago I got the Sims 4 + Cats and Dogs expansion pack. And I am LOVING IT.

My Sim's experience so far:

I start off with my perfectly normal lady named Summer (insert last name here because I forgot it). She lives in a house I built from scratch in Brindleton Bay. She works as a painter. Soon she adopts a stray cat whom she names Noodles (male). She also befriends a calico cat named Luna, but Luna is always in the house so I couldn't adopt her until later.

Summer meets her neighbor, Brent (I deleted Brant because I wanted Brent to be my Sim's husband xD). They become good friends and Brent moves in along with Rosie as Summer's roommate. Soon they start a relationship, go on a date, get engaged, and get married. (I renamed Brent Hecking to Brent Chance, so Summer Whatever becomes Summer Chance.)Rosie passes away.

Summer and Brent decide to adopt a child. They adopt a baby girl named Rose (her original name was Anika, which is the name of one of my friends!). Rose grows into a toddler and soon a child. Her trait is Cat lover. Luna passes away, with Noodles dying a few minutes later while the Reaper is still in the living room. Summer quits her job in order to take care of Rose.

Summer becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, Luke. He grows into a toddler, with his trait being Silly. 

The family adopts a dog whom they name Cleo. I try reallly hard to get her to have puppies, and she FINALLY does with a dog named Chiquito. She has two puppies, Stella and Elliot.

Then I downloaded MC Command Center. I wanted this partly because it lets unplayed sims get married and have kids, thus keeping households full, instead of me having to add in new sims all the time.

Summer meets Katrina for the first time. Katrina is HEAVILY pregnant with triplets, who, according to MCCC, are the children of J Huntington II.

Everyone starts having kids. In the Goth family, Mortimer died, and his wife remarried. They adopted a dog named Ducky, who had three puppies, one of which had 3 puppies with another dog (that litter stayed in a different household). In another household, there WAS a lady with her dog Chestnut, but then i got a notification saying that Chestunt was adopted by whoever. Apparently, his owner went and got married to someone else and moved in with them, but I guess he doesn't like dogs or something so Chestnut went up for adoption.

The Chances buy a Vet Clinic in Brindleton Bay. They name it a Chance for Paws. (Chance because it's the Chance family. It's also like it's a Chance for animals (Paws) to get healthy. 

Now, I'm moving the vet clinic to Newcrest, where the Chances (and their descendants) can build the city from the ground up. There's going to be a 'Retirement Home' (where the Sims, at least of my played families, will be moved to when they become Elders. That way they're out of the way, leaving room in other households for new Sims, but their families can still visit them.), a place where stray pets will visit (so my Sims can still adopt stray pets without having to go back to Brindleton Bay, since they'll be moving to Newcrest), of course a park, and a bunch of other things (and of course, I'll have to have a cat that is mayor, and whose descendants will become Mayor when they die). I love this game! xD


Feel free to share stories of your own Sims, and of course your username in the Sims 4 (mine is Skysplash8 ;)) so we can be friends or whatever.

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Also, when Brent moved in, the family got a TOn of money, but now that they've bought the Clinic, they're pretty low on money.

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I played sims 4 only once when my sister convince me to create a family. I think she might have regretted it in the end. And I don't know if I was drunk while doing it might have been XD

So we start with a dude named Damian Deathclaw, I gave him a pretty ridiculous outfit and he sleeps in a fairy costume. His wife gets blue hair, a semi ridiculous outfit and sleeps in full plate armor. They live together with Jack Sparrow who has a blue beard in a gigantic house with a party floor with a baskteball field and bowling area. A roof with lama bushes and all the possible different types of windows you can have. The roof has also a bed. (Sadly no pets because we don't have the expansion). They have a pool outside with slides and a pirate ship for Jack.

Damian is a bad guy but also romantic who tries to learn the piano. Jack is also a romantic and he and the wife start a relationship. I wanted them to have polyamorous group but it didn't work out XD

So these guys were pretty crazy and we sat there till 3 am to finish the house and stuff :D

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