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no paw challenge


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idea from @bostonlobstah!


we start, as most stories start, with our starters. ruby and dusty are two creatures born with no paws at birth because their tribes angered the gods, and they were cursed. however, neither of them noticed their defects half of the time. ruby spent her days under a tree, and dusty was a fine hunter. one day when the pressure of the tribes hatred started to weigh on them, they finally left to start a tribe where nobody was seen as weak for their appearance.20190211201834_1.thumb.jpg.69227045c58420d70138c8956f84874f.jpg

ruby had noticed a tree in the distance, and decided to journey towards it for a reliable food source. dusty- who had just been attacked by a leech- also learnt about a new food source, once he pulled it off. ruby seemed disgusted with him eating the leech, it was a living thing after all, and she was perfectly fine living on acorns.20190211202248_1.thumb.jpg.49eb9d1afef36ac80b5690d7aac0e806.jpg

the next day, they make it to the tree. dusty started to clear out his new home, when his mate cuts in

"I think I heard someone"

"dont be silly. there would be nobody else out here to harm us"20190211202557_1.thumb.jpg.244bb7982d1ff2191464a71fc7312f85.jpg

ruby, who is absolutely sure she heard someone, runs off to try and find them. dusty accepts that he cant change her mind, and he hunts a mole instead.


ruby suddenly finds the wanderer

"I found you! I finally found you! hello!"

"what do you mean found you? why would you want to see me. look at me. look at my "paws".

ruby stared up in disbelief, as she realised how many other people felt her feelings

(fun fact: I didn't have to change this wanderer, he already had double no paws. this is very important later on)20190211203003_1.thumb.jpg.33d061aa2208b8fdbb8b4fa64ce2c5cb.jpg

meanwhile, dusty is also greeted by a wanderer in front of him. he offers her some food, and watches in horror as her paws slowly cripple and shrink- eventually mirroring his paws.

"w- whats happening?"

"what are happening to my paws? d- did you curse me? im sorry! whatever I did...!"

as dusty stares at the now no pawed wanderer, he realises what has happened, and why this innocent person is facing the same fate as him:

he has brought the curse to this island. the gods are not done with him and his mate yet.20190211203757_1.thumb.jpg.1f57c0341d8a0af7725a35fa5787a4be.jpg




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Just now, Aetherskye said:

@Goggles-kun I'm not 100% sure, but shouldn't these post be moved to the Challenge sub-section? Or would it be playthroughs? (It's a play through of a already existing challenge so I think play through) 


It’s technically a playthrough of a challenge and not one explaining the rules of a challenge, so I’ll move it there.

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the male wanderer had many questions for ruby, and ruby had many questions for the wanderer.

"hello! would you like some food? i have some left. here, take it." she pushed a small pile of nuts into his "paws" with a motherly smile. he seemed pleased.

"oh... i didn't realise you were.. you were.."

"like you? the paws?"


"dont worry about it. me and my mate have came here to start a tribe where everyone is accepted! we're happy to see you. if you want to come with me, you can see my home! it's just by the tree-"

"the tree! my mate! where is she? her name is cherry. have you seen her?"

"oh no.. sorry. maybe dusty found her?"20190213201352_1.thumb.jpg.84d4fe2a2e7cdd0d597ba5847fdf7870.jpg

as they ran back to the tree, he told ruby his name was pine. they were both happy to have found eachother, and both wanted to be back with their mates.


when they returned, dusty was very concerned

"ruby, i found someone whilst you were gone. she had paws, but as soon as i gave her food, she-"

"CHERRY! i found you! are you alright? are you you hurt? has anything happened to your-" pine was interrupted by his mate, who was staring at her "paws"

"pine, i think something happened. i came over here looking for food. this really kind person gave me food and, well. this happened"

"what? how did that? why did they? you, you're the one who gave her food, correct? do you know why?" pine seemed concerned, but not that concerned. deep down inside he was happy he could share his problems with his mate.

"well" dusty explained "the reason me and my mate left was because only us were cursed. everyone in our clan- widowclan- were horrible people. it was my parents- oakblaze and flamethorn. both of them were terrible. any wanderer was killed on sight, and a family on the outskirts, redwood, mossshadow, and bloodmoon, they were all murdered. one of them were even pregnant. the gods were furious. they cursed our clan by making the next two children, well, look like this. ruby's father, maplestar, was horrified when he saw his crippled daughter. we left as soon as we could, and now were here. that curse- the curse of the gods- has come with us- it must have. i watched it. watched as her paws shrinked away. the only way we can redeem ourselves to the gods is by surviving and building our new clan so nobody is hurt or made out to be an outcast. they might forgive us.."

there was a short silence.

ruby had no idea the curse had came with her, and now she knew that she needed to work to be forgiven for her clan's actions.20190213202023_1.thumb.jpg.b7dbae9202b6abca185ce1a74af468fc.jpg

as the days dragged on, things were going well. more of the camp was cleared out. cherry and her mate were taking on cracking the nuts with their derp snouts as a hobby- ruby was impressed with how often they succeded. she was even pregnant with her first child- but she didn't dare give birth until she was sure the baby would be fed. anyway, she wanted dusty to be there for the birth of the child and he was off hunting moles. everything was going to plan.20190213203738_1.thumb.jpg.9349c8fd92076bfe873b063e551c8cbc.jpg

the next day there was good and bad news. dusty was coming back, but he had also just been made aware of a rogue male. he knew his mate would be fine, though, and that it would be quite easy to block him out as their camp was barricaded by all forms of foliage. just to be safe, pine bred with his mate and went to help dusty defend. ruby settled down in the permanent nest, ready to introduce dusty to her new child.20190213204420_1.thumb.jpg.15a55d65d40a0b126863a6c9c277c634.jpg

in the morning, a tiny antlered daughter was born to ruby and dusty. as he tiptoed over to the nest. he whispered to his mate:

"shes so tiny, isn't she? what did you call her?"

"heather. do you like it?"

"i love it."20190213204632_1.thumb.jpg.97c10f18a641d85bb5923226a4a7873a.jpg20190213204838_1.thumb.jpg.3dfb75df7f3827567e1303a4dddf8176.jpg20190213204842_1.thumb.jpg.6d95915fdb4fb2fede72ee00bee1d7fc.jpg20190213204847_1.thumb.jpg.e6611adfc1d3aa0ad0b49dea987e77b0.jpg20190213204855_1.thumb.jpg.31f4db6b1f272c61a7b96cbac774c4d8.jpg

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a couple (very short because i accidentally sKIPPED THE DAY SCREEE) days later, cherry gave birth. he was called maple, and everyone was happy to see him- especially heather. she had never seen another child before. she was also about to go hunting with her father for the first time, her antlers meant she would be very good at killing moles like dusty.20190213205632_1.thumb.jpg.37d61c8fd7322fde1ab7854cad4836bd.jpg20190213205640_1.thumb.jpg.c9f78ba0cae55fb95a75712dc8be1afd.jpg

as heather wandered off behind her father, he talked to her the entire way, with different tips and things she should be careful of.

"now watch very closely" he whispered.

the was a tiny scream as he leapt into the grass and swiped at the mole, and heather was amazed. she couldn't wait until she could go hunting!20190213205915_1.thumb.jpg.936ca7eb5623cd66a7ee069744e0d304.jpg

in the morning, heather had a chance. she snuck up behind a mole, and..

yes! it was killed masterfully. as she presented it to her mother, she was very proud. so proud that her and dusty decided to have another child.20190213210131_1.thumb.jpg.31150a8cc257788e82dcbc52a26faa88.jpg

the next day, a gorgeous baby was born. he was called rosemary, and his parents found him very impressive. so impressive, in fact, that cherry had to build her nest as she was so impatient to see her child. life was flourishing in the new tribe, and everyone was surviving excellently.20190213210544_1.thumb.jpg.3a8a3cb28efa0b8417e17857c3ad0ed7.jpg20190213210552_1.thumb.jpg.c15a250e8959501c786a6e07d7d8ea84.jpg20190213210556_1.thumb.jpg.f53cb312be3ae52069ff3afb094f3276.jpg

the next morning, a new baby was born. she was called blueberry for her stunning blue eyes, and happily played with rosemary.20190213210752_1.thumb.jpg.0d2685fdb191b6ba57fef7073b21c0b2.jpg

all of the hunters were happy. there was more moles to kill than ever. the father and daughter made quick work of both of them, and ruby prepared for a final child. the next day she was born- and she was a kitten! everyone was amazed with her antlers and her whiskers and her fur- she was sure to be the leader of the tribe. her parents named her sage, and were very happy to see her in their nests. ruby was concerned, however. there were no cracker jaw heirs, and it seemed foolish to have more children when there wasn't enough food to support them.20190213211340_1.thumb.jpg.6e2d161d7457fee28d85cb4f2a775b44.jpg20190213211350_1.thumb.jpg.63ef41eb9c1662481641f3e40666891e.jpg20190213211345_1.thumb.jpg.227eb1d5acc327f8a29c614cc6126305.jpg

cherry wanted one last child, and she settled down to have him. he was called thorn, and was welcomed happily. (Im gonna be real with ya, i consoled his immunity genes because immunity k wasn't passing at all and i dont want to have too many children)20190213211906_1.thumb.jpg.0cedfe96a4f2faa2460f130527ca4506.jpg20190213211909_1.thumb.jpg.12f5650775162407aeac6040bd0be5ff.jpg20190213211911_1.thumb.jpg.77cbd5719ddbb1696cc7449e6e48bb65.jpg

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8 hours ago, Basil said:

I love this challengeeee

But you gotta be real careful and make sure that the cracker jaw gets passed down or at least in a compatible male/female's recessives 

im actually not being that careful because I know I'll unlock it in the mutation menu soon with everyone trying to get acorns

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were back and were more crippled than ever


(reading that joke again it sounds extremely offensive. im sorry)


all of the elders were on edge. they all knew that every one of them would pass today, and that nobody with enough experience would be left to guide the tribe.


they were hopeless. they would have to chose a leader from a collection of children, none of which were fit to lead a tribe. ruby seemed partial to sage, and so did dusty (she was very strong) but cherry and pine were more convinced that blueberry would make an excellent leader. there were a few arguments between the two families, until a familiar voice could be heard from the grasses:

"hey guys! im back. got some food. got some grass. how are you guys doing? what did I miss?"


a massive sigh of relief swept across the tribe. heather! she would be the leader. not only has she been feeding the tribe, but she learnt everything she needs to know from her father. everyone seemed embarrassed- especially ruby, who had to admit she forgot her daughter existed, and dusty, who is usually always thinking of his favourite daughter. heather didn't seem shocked that she would become leader, to the surprise of her parents

"well obviously i'd be leader- look at all these tiny idiots! aww, look at you! little red panda, are you my new brother? and you must be sage! my tiny little healer sister! you've got the antlers too- i might have to make you leader when youre all grown up! and theres all the babies from the new family! a little stripy one, his big brother and little bluebell. I cant wait to lead you all to greatness!"

the whole tribe was celebrating, until all the elders passed in the night. heather was devastated by the loss of her father, but knew that she needed to stay strong for her tribe- and also needed to stay strong so she can run away from the rogue male fast enough.20190218184606_1.thumb.jpg.c8b03df33c6abe98b30b0cc2702f19ce.jpg

meanwhile, maple swam across the stream when he heard a wandering nicheling in the grass.


"hi! whats your name?"

"my name is tulip" everything she said she whispered quietly, with softness echoing from her words. maple shut his eyes when he gave her food, knowing she would face the same curse as her mother. but she was fine.

"w-why are you closing your eyes like that? are you scared? do you need my help?"

"n-no, its just.."

tulip had the realisation.

"you have.. the curse.." she mumbled, quieter than ever.

"I see"

"oh you poor little things. where is your tribe?"20190218185025_1.thumb.jpg.cfb155d91b5b0911118c3d47eb86e8da.jpg

as she introduced herself to the small pack, everyone was amazed. she had legs! how does someone in the tribe keep their legs?

"hello, little ones! I am tulip! actually, dont call me tulip. call me petalily. I've just been sent down to deal with a little curse mekoko gave to a couple creatures for fun. she's a strange goddess, isn't she? so much power for a poor lost soul, but she abuses it so much. by the way, don't make it obvious I told you who I am, im supposed to be going around as some secret agent with "magical powers" but I think that's silly. oh, you must think im lying. well, I guess here you go."

as she planted her velvet paw in the ground, tiny lilies grew around her.

"there we go. im looking forward to spending some time with you all!"

before she could finish her sentence, everyone was on their knees, showing upmost respect to the goddess.



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Mekoko tricked you into thinking she's the goddess of death. In my tribes, Mekoko is the goddess of trickery. Though now that i think about it, she led creatures to their death by tricking them. So maybe she's goddess of death and trickery? hmm....

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2 minutes ago, Skysplash8 said:

Mekoko tricked you into thinking she's the goddess of death. In my tribes, Mekoko is the goddess of trickery. Though now that i think about it, she led creatures to their death by tricking them. So maybe she's goddess of death and trickery? hmm....

when did your mekoko live? mine was maybe a month after the wings update released. this will settle once and for all which mekoko is the real mekoko

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1 hour ago, heyitsgeorgie said:

when did your mekoko live? mine was maybe a month after the wings update released. this will settle once and for all which mekoko is the real mekoko

(I had to look at when the screenshot was taken xD) August 17th. BUT they can both be the real Mekoko--she takes the form of our Mekoko when she visits your tribes, and my Mekoko when she visits my tribes. she's probably my most beautiful creature other than Berri...

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well my mekoko is just average nicheling with red+black fur and bird beak, one bearynea claw and one runner leg. she doesn't look that interesting but having my second most powerful goddess have bird beak is neat because I dont see many other beaked gods

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