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I admit, I got it off a website. BUT IT'S A GOOD IDEA OKAY

Simple: We start out with 100. Guys take off 2 points (bc like everyone is a girl), girls add one. Boys' goal is 0, girls' is 200. You can make one 'tug' per 24 hours!

when it reaches 0 or 200, they guys/girls win, and the game ends! (though we can always play again!) I'm not sure if the starting number is big enough that the game won't go on forever, or if there's more boys than girls on the forums, but oh well. I guess we'll find out xD 


anyways, this is where I start:


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On 2/13/2019 at 9:19 PM, Skysplash8 said:

Since everyone is apparently a girl, I'm going to make it more fair: boys get to deduct 2 points. (I'll edit the original post)




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