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Pattern Challenge playthrough


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This is my playthrough of the Pattern Challenge.

I had to restart several times before I got starters with patterns. As I restarted, i got a set that both had a claw, a set where one had double diggers paw and the other had 1 diggers paw.

Third try, I get a female with Mask! Unfortunately, her mate is patternless, so Reelu will probably just turn out babies while Kinai tries to keep them alive.



(oi Midna/Goggles-Kun you photobombed my pictures how dare you)

Anyways. Reelu is really snooty and proud of her mask, and wants lots of babies, but unfortunately she can't find anyone for a mate except Kinai. Thus, she reluctantly takes him on as a mate, though she would give him up in a heartbeat if someone else with a mask appeared.

The patternless, shortsighted Ranani is born. 


This spotted infertile (CACTUS! @Lilytuft your boi has been reincarnated) guy showed up. Kinai lets him in. Though Kuvan can't have children, he can collect food.


Vantar is born. Even though he is Reelu's son, she raises Vantar to be her new mate. She keeps Kinai around for a few more children until Vantar is an adult.


Isresai is born. Another masked creature to order the others around.


Kutah is born. Reelu throws away Kinai like trash and teaches Vantar how to be like her, that way when he's her mate he won't rebel because he agrees with everything she says.20190213202729_1.thumb.jpg.bb59e92f0951395e15b1154b1f9b436c.jpg

Vanatr becomes old enough to be Reelu's mate, and she immediately forces him into it. The next day, Struwbarree is born. INBREEDINGGG


Isresai meets a patternless wanderer. She falls in love with him, despite the rules punishable by death, and she becomes pregnant wit his child before she is forced to slips away before Ranani appears and kills him. (he died the day after the picture)


The next day, Nuka and Nuki are born. Nuka is sick and Nuki is shortsighted. Reelu says that Nuki is fine, the shortsightedness runs in the family, but sickness cannot be tolerated. Nuka is to be tossed away and left to rot as soon as possible. 



Kitar is born.


Isresai sneaks off into the grasses and underneath a tree to have her forbidden child. Though she broke the rules to have a child with a Patternless, she doesn't dare break the rules again by collecting food or grass.

The next day, Isresai learns her lesson that came along with little Meli. Meli is sick (and spotted!); this is a clear signal that partnering with a creature not of your pattern is very bad.


Meanwhile, Reelu has another child, Rovanno.


Scared that the gods will punish her, Isresai runs away from Meli and leaves Meli to fend for herself.

Kainee is born.


Maynu is born and thrown aside like Nuka.


Rovanno finds a Spotted! (don't worry, he went and ordered Kinai to invite him in instead of doing it himself)


Nuka and Meli meet. They decide to break the rules and do whatever they want (like Nuka will collect food and grass even tho he's a Masked)


The tribe decides to migrate. Nuka and Meli sneak on. Vantar, Isresai, and Maynu stay behind.


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