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Read this before posting!



Hey folks :)

We just uploaded a first version of the new "Sandbox settings" update on the tester branch!
What has changed in this new version?

New features:

  • New ability, Insect collecting
  • Insect in the swamp can now be collected and swooped if the Nicheling has the Insect Collecting ability
  • New animal type “Defender Bear”
  • New animal type “Peaceful Bear”
  • New gene Bat Head
  • New gene Savanna Horns
  • New gene Bat Wings
  • Nicheling names can now be customized via a file
  • Gem colors can now be customized via a file
  • Added new sandbox settings:
    • Age and pregnancy duration settings
    • Start animal amount and gene settings
    • Damage and healing multiplier settings
    • Food and nesting material start amount settings
    • Blind gene mode setting
    • All genes unlocked setting
    • Tribe size limit setting
    • (Achievements are disabled if you play with custom sandbox settings)


  • Added exhibiton mode 
  • Unlocked genes are now highlighted in the mutation list
  • Added gene name to gene unlocked message
  • Reduced amount of Balance Bears that can spawn


  • Apes can no longer move through jungle rivers
  • Wild Nichelings drown themselves less often
  • Moved tailfin body part a bit to avoid collision with water body
  • SetGene and SwitchGender console command should no longer break the game or cause bugs

Some things are still missing, we're working on them:

  • New gene Sticky Tongue
  • Termit hills in Savanna
  • (Maybe) Basic options to deactivate field occupants (aka switch off the rogue males)
  • (Maybe) Very basic options to create challenges

How you can customize the animal name setting:
Open the file: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Team Niche\Niche - a genetics survival game\AnimalNames.ini
Add new syllables and names, don't forget to save.

How you can customize the gem colors:
Open the file: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Team Niche\Niche - a genetics survival game\ActionPointColors.ini
Add new colors, don't forget to save ^^

Please help us to test if all the new things are working!

To do so, you can head over to Steam.
Right click on Niche in your game library, select properties, open the Betas tab, enter the password.
The password is: NicheTesterBranch
Select tester_branch from the drop down. The game should now be updating. If now, restart Steam.
Happy testing and please report all bugs here. Thank you ❤️


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17 minutes ago, Fellstar59 said:

How can we get to the customisable names/ gem colours if we are using the Mac OS? Struggling to find the folder haha, So desperate to play hahaha


On 5/3/2018 at 10:59 AM, Philo said:


If your game crashed, please add the .log file in your bug report!
It can be found here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Niche\Windows\Niche_Data\output_log.txt 


~/.config/unity3d/Team Niche/Niche _ a genetics survival game/Player.log



If weird things are happening when playing, please add the save file in your bug report!
It can be found here:

~/.config/unity3d/Team Niche/Niche - a genetics survival game/Saves

~/Library/Application Support/unity.Team Niche.Niche - a genetics survival game/Saves

C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Team Niche\Niche - a genetics survival game\Saves


The AppData folder is hidden. Here is explained how you can change the settings so it shows up on windows: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028316/windows-view-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-10

Thank you very much :)
This makes our lives a lot easier!

try this

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13 hours ago, Philo said:

(Maybe) Basic options to deactivate field occupants (aka switch off the rogue males)

I hope this gets added, because with the defender bear hating violence you can’t even get rid if the rogue males, which makes them even more annoying  

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1 hour ago, bostonlobstah said:

Don’t hit the bear. Just let them come to it

I want to see pictures of the ensuing battle!

We killed them all

(See the mammut fuut + Armor body combo. the Creepy bears only have 4 attack. the mammut fuut gives us the extra +1 defense needed! I also started them of with edited genes obviously.)

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1 hour ago, Bathmophobia said:

I can't for the life of me edit these files even though I really want the new colours. Where are they located? I am not very tech savy.


This is what mine looks like

2 hours ago, MelonDaNicheling said:

The file isn't showing up for me. I can find C:\Users\ but not C:\Users\username\AppData. Help?...help?

I had problems finding it for ages as well as I couldn't find the AppData folder (I still can't, I've just bookmarked the direct file) If I'm remembering correctly, what I did was go to 'this PC' and then search for locallow in the search bar. It took a while but then it brought up the folder 'locallow' in AppData and from there I just clicked on the bit that said Team Niche

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