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Baby aging issue



Geez I feel like I have all the aging issues XD

So the babies don't grow up past two days when the mother stays on the nest, even when they wouldn't gain a gem for 7 more days. The counter just stops at two days until I move the mother of the nest, then everything proceeds as normal.

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12 minutes ago, Snowy Owl said:

that is not new, i have seen that in vids before  

Yes but then the baby would gain a gem. The age was set to 2. What I am saying here is that the baby won't grow bigger on the next turn. The age is set longer. It will stay a baby with zero gems for 7 days so the age should stop on 7/8 day not on the second day. 

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1 hour ago, Snowy Owl said:


 i just had an issue with the baby's hence me posting it here, my baby grew up to 2 gems but the baby debuff did not go away.

8C822A15DFFA383A6666C6B8AA6FB3039D51475BUpdate: some seem to keep the debuff and others don't, strange 

Update again, she is an adult and still has the debuff


here is the save file in case you need it Slot0.nichesave


1 hour ago, RandomWanderer said:

Oh god, I decreased the age of a baby to fit their litter and now they're stuck with one movement.


I guess Bright Sky will be healer after all.

Those two better fit over here


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