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Parents keep disappearing from family tree?



Not sure why but parents disappear from my family tree. Playing Sandbox Mode in Deadly Hills with custom difficulty, and my gen 2 females had their dad (Feral) disappear from the family tree after he died to Defend Bear, the mom (Alita) disappeared a bit later. Then one of the females (Alea) birthed two females and disappeared from the family tree herself as she died. Parents just seem to keep disappearing right around when their grandkids are born or something? Never noticed this, has it been a thing? Usually the ancestors stick around if they got offspring going?





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12 hours ago, Jojo said:

That's normal though. Once the Nicheling has passed away it's relations will fade from the tree so that it will not become to crowded

Ok, that's just a really fast fade then. Too fast for me. 😀

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