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No Ape Spawn Trees on Medium and Hard Jungle Islands



Man I am on fire with Jungle glitches...so is everyone else it seems. 

So I did several tests on different Jungle Islands to see if there were actually any Ape Spawn Trees at all, because I was curious after spending 60+ days on Rainforest and not finding a single ape, and spending a good 10-15 days on Deep Jungle, intentionally stepping on twigs and eating smelly fruits. Both of these were in 1.1.4. (The only time I have ever encountered an ape was overgrown jungle, version 1.1.4). Now have a new tribe in the Rainforest, not been there quite as long as my first rainforest tribe, but still

So I went to World Settings and turned off regular jungle trees, but kept Ape Spawn Trees on. So any trees I see will be guaranteed Ape Trees. 

I went to Rainforest twice as a test. No trees. I went to jungle gate and overgrown jungle as well, only once each though. Still no trees. When I went to Deep Jungle however, there were 3. Is this a bug? Are Ape Trees really that rare?

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Rainforest. Medium level. 

1. No trees. 1007508982_Screenshot(192).thumb.png.13ba725658e97dbc92b7b8bcd28236f2.png

2. Still no trees. 363688255_Screenshot(193).thumb.png.2fb8d4c1d7079fc7ce4e0398106f6f7e.png

3. No trees106362309_Screenshot(194).thumb.png.40523e762e313401f8ac0ffc0cb5fd02.png


Overgrown Jungle, also medium level

1. One tree. 1029645801_Screenshot(195).thumb.png.5eaa5f2e6b880a7ae604b595f5b26f50.png

2. No trees850236960_Screenshot(197).thumb.png.005c8cb031ebc717e29fbe606d1a0ff8.png

3. One tree.1934641252_Screenshot(198).thumb.png.459dba7b71691b6a17ecffcc4774086b.png

4. No trees.833348990_Screenshot(196).thumb.png.c92347a285c27e13b82b1601d2c1cd0f.png


Jungle Gate. Hard island supposedly

1. No tree.366129312_Screenshot(200).thumb.png.d966e6afb8b5cfeee546dd8ab27ecb3f.png

2. No trees1595609549_Screenshot(201).thumb.png.e2da70ca5891b86913869ceff3712834.png

3. No trees. 741709136_Screenshot(202).thumb.png.ac8dec385877cbeae630dd6dcfb55729.png

4. No trees.1497444069_Screenshot(199).thumb.png.3835d9d7431ddba8d2dbb8dba3da1af1.png


Deep Jungle. Killer island

1. 2 trees591213204_Screenshot(203).thumb.png.70ffa2ba8f173ce35fbeadedfe6e01bf.png

2. 3 trees.1100507697_Screenshot(204).thumb.png.c123e21e558b6184b0e41804675717d4.png

3. 1 tree.1715687812_Screenshot(206).thumb.png.82023a8d68bc68076870a7e3fb37dfef.png

How unfortunate!209395790_Screenshot(205).thumb.png.21d48460357ab4053129a71401f275fd.png


Rainforest (medium) averaged 0 Ape Trees across 4 tests.

Overgrown Jungle (medium) averaged 0.4 Ape Trees across 5 tests.

Jungle Gate (hard) averaged 0 Ape Trees across 5 tests.

Deep Jungle (killer) averaged 2.5 Ape Trees across 4 tests.

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