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Female Names on Males



I've noticed this happening twice now, a male nicheling will turn up with a name that was on the female list, not the male. I've checked each time and the name was definitely only on the female list

(very appropriate name for this nicheling though)

Niche - a genetics survival game 3_03_2019 10_19_13 PM.png

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1 hour ago, Renio2490 said:

Sending Luck... Sent! Hopefully that luck works!

Annini sends her lucky fate powder to them as well. Just sprinkle yourself with it and Annini might give you a better fate. Not guaranteed, though.

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6 hours ago, heyitsgeorgie said:

oh heck I was supposed to post that on miss niche can a moderator move that over please

Unfortunately we can't move comments (at least, I can't figure out how...). :(

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