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Killer island Deep jungle gone wrong TwT

Willow the fluffer


So Idk what happened but lets strat off with this!930499122_Screenshot(5).thumb.png.867d91025ca8d841100d6ec2f2e28f80.png

How do I even explain this... so what happened here.. lets ask the pic TwT712165765_Screenshot(5)_LI.thumb.jpg.3bad64a291fe8647a93066091c274662.jpg

So there was a carnivores plant in the shadows and it ate my bat child BUT my niche are not blind and can smell so why cant they see or smell anything and it.. (Ik I spelt rude wrong its supposed to be funny ;w;)


So than I exited out and made a new Deep jungle thing, and THIS HAPPENED EE1785184889_Screenshot(7).thumb.png.8d6830a67113fcfdac8a5720340ce0c1.png312798561_Screenshot(8).thumb.png.21031466a6cff953e1ffaf959fc70c1b.png

Than I learned they cant see in only some places as shown here so now I was just confused and passes the day a bit hopingit would go away than..


Everything went dark and I couldn't control my niching's so I tried passing the day and OOF999215690_Screenshot(11).thumb.png.32da69a2dc66b4b7dc3ed472f6e98510.png

So I hope this helps Idk


Killer island, Deep Jungle



Btw I didn't use console or anything just played it normally so I don't think I did anything wrong...

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