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Changes to the New Genes



So, someone commented this on Seri's 'A-PEEL-ing to a Twist of Fruit Fate?!' video. I replied that I thought this was a really good idea, and that they should post it here on the forums. They asked if they had to put in their email to make an account, and I replied yes, and that I could put it here if they wanted. They said they wanted me to put it here, so here I am! They did say they would look into making an account, though. I hope you make an account, Dodoraptor! :D


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Guest SilverTheNicheling

YES!! How about the bat-wing gives 1 attack considering the claw-like thumb on the wing?

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Definitely agree with adding gathering to the bat wing. I also think there should be large flowers implemented for nichelings to have a nectar collecting ability. This could be added to the bat face. I agree that the hearing ability should be amped up. I'm also wondering why there are no echolocation features. There's no chance of a nicheling with blind eyes being able to move, is there? I also wonder if a blood licking ability could be implemented- a bit cannibalistic, but what if licking a wounded nicheling adds to the food pile?

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