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Patchnotes 0.6.3 Early Access

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Dear Drone Engineers,

After a month of testing and improving, we finally released the new Racing Update on Steam! Thanks again to all testers of the preview version for all the great feedback and bugreports! We will keep you posted here as soon as we release another testing version for the next update.

Here are the complete patchnotes summarized for the main branch:

Patchnotes 0.6.3

New Features

  • New Location: Racing Ring with three different racetracks and highscore lists
  • New Drone vs. Drone tournaments: Race and Catch
  • New training mode for tournaments
  • New tutorials for autonomous racing
  • Added possibility to sort drones alphabetically or by date
  • Added text field to filter drones
  • Added new steam workshop tag for racing drones
  • Added possibility to slow down time in drone vs. drone modes

New Drone Parts:

  • Proximity Sensor (can detect things inside an area defined by radius and angle)
  • Rng Gate (the rng gate has a configurable probability that the output key is activated)
  • Vtol Thruster (vtol thrusters rotate to a target direction automatically)
  • Afterburner (afterburners are strong thrusters that are only usable at high velocity)
  • Position Tracker (position trackers can be used as target for the directional sensor and the vtol thruster)
  • Added round basic parts
  • Added hollow block part

Drone Part Changes:

  • Removed velocity limitation for droneparts
  • Increased upper limit of the speed sensor to 300 m/s as reaction to the unlimited velocity
  • Increased maximum range of distance sensor from 60 to 100
  • Added a radius setting for TnT explosives allowing smaller explosions
  • Added individually configurable detection layers for the distance sensor and proximity sensor. 
  • Added no friction and high friction plating for basic parts
  • Made the distance sensor round, so it can be rotated better


  • Synchronized logic and sensor parts with the physic simulation
  • Reworked the solar systems to contain less sumo rings and added racing locations.
  • Sumo and racing test-areas are now always accessible from the drone workshop
  • Added option for sensors to detect harvestable resources
  • The laser of the distance sensor is now better visible on higher zoom levels
  • Added dynamic mission objectives. For example if only 9 eggs are spawned, the mission will no longer require you to destroy 10,
  • Keypresses are now allowed in sumo and racing test-areas to help testing the logic
  • Importing your own drones from steam will no longer apply the downloaded flag.
  • Changed the tournament statistics and added the option to not upload your drone
  • Replaced some images with videos in the tutorials to make things clearer
  • Added a confirmation dialogue when deleting a drone
  • Added a new font for better legibility in running text
  • Added compensation for the lost time between logic ticks, this should allow large logic chains without losing a tick each time a signal passes from one part to another.
  • New visuals for the sumo arena
  • Replaced "Export to File" Icon
  • Added new music tracks for the new modes
  • Various small UI fixes and tweaks
  • Upgraded our engine to Unity 2018.3 


  • Fixed randomly changing planet sizes on galaxymap
  • Fixed physics joints to make symmetrical drones fly straighter
  • Fixed decimal input for drone part settings
  • Fixed scrolling of drone descriptions using mousewheel
  • Fixed too high thruster force while playing with low fps
  • Fixed spawn system to avoid unsolvable missions
  • Improved drone workshop performance when working on larger drones 
  • Improved loading times of drones with factory parts
  • Fixed sticky bullets when shooting large enemies
  • Improved loading of savefiles after a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the drone selection screen stopped working
  • Fixed bugs in which destroying certain objects unintentionally counted towards the mission goal
  • Fixed temperature change on saw blade melee weapon
  • Fixed that motorized hinges were not working anymore after defrosting


Please keep suggesting new features and droneparts. We will go through all top posts again for the next update and implement the top voted ideas we like into the game!

@Philo and @Markus also recorded a video showing the new features of the racing update. 


To celebrate the update we are running a 20% discount for the game starting today at 19:00 CET and goes on for a week 
We also run a giveaway, where you can win Early Access Keys! Head over to this thread to participate: 


Cheers & Have fun!
Stray Fawn Studio

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