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1.0.7 Patchnotes

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Hi pack


We just pushed a new build with some fixes and improvements to Steam and GOG. Most of these things were already in place on the preview branch on Steam (version 1.0.6). A big thanks to everyone who helped with the testing <3



- Improved tutorial, now fully localised

- Added new UI tooltips

- Updated credits

- Attacking rogue males prevents them from mating for a short time

- Option to animal texture resolution (Set to low to increase performance)

- Added support for 64bit Windows and Linux

-> Because of this you will now see a pop-up when playing with older versions on other branches. If you do, please choose the second option :)



- Disabled UI key U, when renaming animals

- Leeches can no longer move on land

- Fixed problems with camouflage



Cheers and Thanks,

Stray Fawn Studio

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