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A Overly Detailed Challenge

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This is a challenge all about social structure.
In this challenge, there are two social layers. You should use a very large island to allow this challenge to really take form:
On the top are nobles. Nobles are the stronger, higher ranking faction. They are generally very beautiful (to you, at least), and will not bother with things like collecting grass. Nobles, however, do love a good hunt and chasing down rogues. They mostly live off the work from the villagers. They should each have their own space on a seperate part of the island than the villagers. They have the alpha rank. Their gems should be colored a noble gold.
At the bottom are villagers. Villagers are normal, everyday nichelings with a whatever appearance. They may hunt, collect grass, pick berries, and all other nicheling related things. Each nicheling family has to have two parents and no more than 4 children. A couple cannot have more children until one of them dies or is married off. Each family should have their own small ‘house’ in the island at with at least one line of darkness between then and any neighboring family. They have the beta rank. Their gems can be colored between families so you can tell who comes from where. 
Generally, a house consists of some kind of food source (berry bush, river, tree) and a nest or at least enough space to make one. 


Daughters are very prized, especially a particularly pretty or talented daughter (Defined as having 3+ in any single skill, or a special skill such as weather prediction, this is up to you).

When a daughter is born, all genetically compatible males will fight for the right to the daughter. If you have a lot of genetically compatible males, you can choose to limit the amount or only give each male 1 number so the numbers don’t get unmanageable. Use a die or a random number generator and give two numbers to each male, for example.

Male 1 gets 2 and 6

Male 2 gets 1 and 3

Male 3 gets 4 and 5.

The male whose number gets called wins the daughter, this is absolute, even if you didn’t want that female and that male to mate.

HOWEVER, if the daughter is particularly desirable (in your eyes or by raw stats, whichever you prefer) and a noble family has a genetically compatible son, you must flip a coin to decide if the nobles take the daughter instead, regardless of whether you wanted her to mate with the nobles or not.

Of course, this can always result in a lot of forbidden romances, subterfuge, sabotage, and family rivalries. This challenge is great fun if you’re into roleplay.

Once a daughter reaches adulthood, she should get her own space with her husband and start having children as soon as possible. Their gems should gain a unique color, which all their children will inherit.

Orphans and the matron:

Orphans are the children of mothers and rogues, children a family has over their 4 child limit, or children whose parents have died. Somewhere on your island, there should be an orphan matron. Orphan matrons are usually older nichelings, sickly or crippled nichelings, or infertile nichelings. The orphanage should be separate from the normal area where your nichelings live, though not too far.

Orphans have the omega rank.

Orphan daughters can be married off when they reach adulthood. Usually only families that cannot seem to win a challenge will accept an orphan daughter as a wife. Nobles will never take an orphan wife. If there is no family who wants the orphan wife, she can either become a matron or a slave.

Orphan sons may be married off if there are no other genetically compatible males for a given female. Otherwise, they begin work as matrons or become slaves for the nobles.

This part of the challenge is mostly optional, but it does become useful if the orphan children have immunities that have become rare in the common population.

Matron and orphan gems are orange unless they marry, after which they take their mate’s gem color. Matrons cannot marry or have mates. There can only be 3 matrons at a time!

There are a few absolute rules in the clan:

  • Villager females, especially married females, who mate with rogue males become ostracized. They can either be banished or given the omega rank and forced to do slave work like clear grass for the nobles, harvest stinky fruit, or become babysitters or orphan matrons. Their illegitimate children become orphans or can be banished and immediately killed if you choose not to do the orphanage.
  • Villager families cannot become noble, though a family who produces desirable, healthy children is usually considered more highly among the clan members.
  • Noble females who bring shame to the family name (for example, breeding with a rogue or a slave) are demoted to a villager. She cannot return to the noble rank ever again, and any children born from a demoted noble female cannot marry into noble families. 
  • If a male cannot produce children after 5 failed mating attempts (6 attempts in total), the daughter can choose return to their birth family and be married off to another male nicheling. A female can choose to give a male more chances, but generally will give up after ten tries or so. That male cannot compete for that daughter in her next challenge. 
  • An infertile daughter or son is usually banished, demoted to a slave, or made into an orphan matron as they are considered burdens on their family. 
  • Wanderers are always a villager, and cannot marry into noble families. However, their children can given they are talented and/or desirable enough.
  • Nobles decide things like moving islands and serve as arbitrators in disputes.

How to start:

My settings are:

  • Baby = 2 days
  • Child = 5 days
  • Teen = 12 days
  • Adult = 61 days
  • Pregnancy duration = 3 days
  • Enemy damage = 10
  • Environment damage = 5
  • Hunger damage = 5
  • Healing = 5

Start with nine nichelings. Two noble families, and two villager families, and one orphan matron. Make sure to have their gems colored. You can design them or have the game generate them. You should use a large island. Grass Mingle, Grass adventure, Archipelago, and Peaceful Meadow are all good starting points.

If you like a little variety, you can turn off some predators and go to some crazy islands like the deep jungle or home island. Do what makes you happy :3

Good luck!

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1 hour ago, PopsicleNinja said:

Could you please give some basic starting templates? I'm not talking about specific gene layouts, I just want a pointer.

For my nobles, I made them using Saber fangs because I find those very pretty. For my villager and my matron, I just used a strict set of forbidden genes and had the game generate them from those. I can give you my forbidden genes if you like and you can decide what to add or take off. 

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7 hours ago, StrangelyCloudy said:

I'd love to hear about it! Post it on the playthrough board or something :D

Ok. It's 12:30 Am where I am so I'm gonna do it tomorrow.

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On 4/9/2019 at 4:41 AM, ValkyrieWolff said:

I love this idea! I definitely wanna give it a go

(okay, slight problem, what do I do if I'm not getting any boys born so there's a tonne of girls and no one to fight for them?)

The girls stay with their parents until they are married off, so you would have to wait until boys are born before any of the girls can move out.

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I was playing a save file with this challenge applied, and then something crazy happened. The female of one of the normal families was sickly, so right after her first child she died. Then the day after her death, a bearyena came. The bearyena killed the male and the child tried to escape, but the bearyena caught up right after eating the male and killed the daughter. I don't want to post my playthrough, so I just posted it here.


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