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How to balance Factories for PVP

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I imagine it has long waited in the back of many our minds, when will our machines get to combat one another for dominance over a planet?

When can we use our hard earned weapons against other players?

Will Factories ever NOT be broken in a PVP environment?


Here I propose a constraint that might make Factories viable in PVP. We have to put a leash on it.

Obviously in any PVP battle, drone size and block count limits should apply.

So what happens when factories effectively circumvent the block count limit?

We have to add a leash on factories (when in PVP at least). Factories need to pay for their creations with some kind of resource, but not just time. What if factories built stuff out of the actual resources we harvest in the game???

Imagine every single block in the game has a recipe, in red/yellow/blue materials.

In full combat PVP with factories, you have to include resource tanks on your drone. These resource tanks contain the material that the Factories use (Stetium, Rogium, Marium). Resource tanks may not be attached on a branch off of a factory. You cannot factory create resource tanks in these kinds of PVP matches.

Now here are some ideas on how to leverage this core idea in different possible ways:

In easy mode autonomous or synchronous PVP: At the beginning of each match, all resource tanks are filled for free. You don't get to keep the resources after the match ends though.

In hard mode synchronous and manual live PVP: Resource tanks regenerate! They draw upon your resource balance available in game! This creates hardcore end-game content and a reason to harvest resources in PVE even after unlocking all the tech tree nodes!

In ultra-hard mode autonomous or synchronous PVP: Resource tanks are not filled automatically at the beginning of the match. When the match starts, your drone has to go into the world and harvest resources from the ground itself before it can use a factory! You also get to keep any resources you harvested and have leftover if you win the match!



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