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Fastest ramjet startup I've managed yet, 0.3 seconds from go to boom, with a combination of pulse and normal engines. 42.7 seconds for the whole course.

Still not good enough to defeat Pirhana-A in phoenix, they must have one mean machine!  15th place is 51 seconds, 13th place is 41!


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The Irukandji shaved **SIX WHOLE SECONDS** off my best time for Hydrus (now 52.3) with its ultra-fast drift/straightaway switching:


Made possible by the new Flipper part, which I expect to change racing a lot!

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A factory printing factorys that print small cursor following weapons. Eat that snake!
Btw: The snake is enraged when an egg is destroyed, but it don't really know where to go. So this may be a bit unfair...

In case someone is wondering where the energy is coming from: engineer cap and a factory printing batteries :)

A camera module on each minidrone will keep em on screen in average.

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