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miscellaneous rambling, gene ideas that won't get in, and others


Why 'gene ideas that won't get in'? Because they are either: 



Too Outlandish (eg mechanical) 

But are fun to think about. 



I wonder if there will ever be a 'low-light'/'crepuscular' eye type.... maybe unlocked after 20 generations? Dominant over Short-sighted, but co-dominant with blind eyes. Would give short-sighted eye 'seeing' ability in any cleared tiles, but would be +3 in any tiles with grass still on them. 

A Possible Icon





Example of in-gameplay versions, on a yellow-eyed nicheling and a violet-eyed nicheling.









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1 minute ago, mr.j.williams said:

me, staring into the void of a blank page: hm...... 

me: wait... what if.... space themed genes... 


So expect some space themed genes for each slot soon!!  :0 

Attractive / Fancy Ears (???) 

Unlocked after having a nicheling in a tree for 30 turns / Finding a nicheling with this gene.  +2 Hearing, +1 Attractiveness, -1 Heat/Cold Resistance 


Based on the shapes of a Black Hole 'consuming' a Star.  

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