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Am I Able To Get The Old, Old Demo?


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so now I have two creatures and every turn they collect 2 berries but then they eat the two berries and we only have enough to sustain them so they can never have children or they die.


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15 minutes ago, FlowerMask said:

I’m very computer illiterate... I still haven’t figured out how to get the old game with directions...


I am the vice principal’s ‘favorite’ (he doesn’t favor me over people, but I can tell he appreciates my skill) because my skills :P just arrived at home, I’ll try it out.

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It works! 

You have to right click the file and hit extract and extract the files. The automatic destination should be good. Go to Niche_oldbuilds then Niche_build_windows and click on NicheWindow_ProHelevtia. LET IT RUN! If it says this could be a harmful file, then click 'show more' then run anyways! it will pop up soon with a window to establish graphics etc. and hit play!

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I just let all the creatures without double berry paw starve.

which leaves me one male and one female

and a just-now-grown creature who I'll starve too since they don't have double berry paw

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1 hour ago, MelonNicheling said:


I'm probably dumb but

how do I drag and drop a creature? I don't see any creatures on my screen (unless it's that prehistorc Bearyena in the background)

it's one of these things, except yours won't have pink paws


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