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Defender Bear random attacks



A defender bear just attacked (and killed) one of my females who had just been bred by a rogue male.  That female hadn't attacked anything for her entire lifespan, neither had anyone around her - it seems the attack was triggered by the rogue male breeding?


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I'm not sure why, but in my tests, when a target has had a child and stays in the nest, the defender will spare her. After that, instead of giving two nichelings one swipe each for their crimes, a single target will receive two. Other people had their babies killed. Some breeding/children mechanic is definitely suspect, but what exactly goes wrong is hard to tell. I've had different defenders displaying different behaviours, which does not help, but showcases some underlying issues.

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For me, they target children. R.I.P Rodukku

Other nichelings attacked/brutally murdered:

The pile of bones had attacked a rabbil on the previous dayimage.thumb.png.18e102c902d8974915a6d22e894843e5.png

The yellow male killed a bearyenaimage.png.3b72137932ef1cf7aee74e916065fe8c.png

The bear killed a male(the male had attacked something) and a newborn baby!image.thumb.png.ee6cbf9f7d10b84a553705efcd63f51f.png


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