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29 minutes ago, Undroid said:

Hello, I would like to know how I can improve the Spanish translation (it's terrible).

Yes you absolutely can :)
Just post whatever you find wrong + your suggestions here.

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Corrections for Spanish language


"desendencia" doesn't exist, the right thing is "descendencia".



"la calor":  heat in feminine is an ancient form and today is considered uncultured. The right thing is "Resistencia al calor".


These are skills, not actions, and some are not very precise, so it should be:

  • Cavar: Excavación
  • Nadas: Natación
  • Pescar: Pesca
  • Colección de insectos: Recolección de insectos
  • Recolectar: Recolección



"Soltar" is like release or let go or drop, it should be "desasignar" (unassign).

"?": Words are missing.

"Gratis" is free (no cost). It could be "Vacío" (empty).

"Resetear Keybindings" is understood, but it would be better something like "Reiniciar configuración de teclas".


And that's what I've found for now. 😃

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