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Deerest readers 

Last week our team travelled to San Francisco to exhibit Nimbatus at the Game Developers conference.






---> @Markus, @Philo and @Roger at the Nimbatus booth.

We were super proud because Nimbatus won a "Best in Play" award and Roger managed to win the "GDC Pitch", where he had to present the game to a jury of game publishers. Nice job Roger! *pat on the back*


Philo gave a talk about community-based game development.


On our free day, we walked across the Golden Gate bridge with friends :)












We also visited Japan town and bought LOTS of manga and art books (about 10kg in total).
And there even was a rainbooooow!













It was a great week! We met lots of new people and old friends and can't wait to go again next year :D

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