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Nichelings as slimes (Slime rancher)


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Sooo... I will take your Nicheling and make them into a slime from slime rancher... Give me their personality too.


(I have every largo memorized... I also have to retreive the slimes so It'll take a bit..) 



Send me your nichelings! (I am really bored in Slime Rancher. Need more money for the 7Z upgrades T-T

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7 hours ago, Dai said:

If you could do dai that would be great. (( Honestly shes easy just bread a tabby with a bee juice one ))



sorry it sounded funny >~< 

I am also doing it from personality, so @Lawoofy if ya want her to be something other than Crystal/Hunter give me her personality!

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14 hours ago, C0ffeebeans said:

could you do Duki? 

hes chaotic and energetic



hes probably a hunter-tabby but iv'e never played the game in ages sooo yeah

Why can’t there just be a hunter-Hunter largo? I mean he’s basically the colors of one. But chaotic + entergetic = Quantum So... Quantum-hunter? (Quantums and Tangles are so bad I just free range them.)

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10 hours ago, Lawoofy said:

Likana please! Maybe she could be a hunter/crystal largo but i don't have the game so there might be a more fitting one


I have a certain Toxicbody!



It took 2x as long because I found a gold plort and strange diamond halfway through... Also chose Saber over hunter. Enjoy!

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