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Nightshade - A challenge


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Nightshade is a challenge.

The first thing to do when growing the 'garden' is set the age settings:


Create three nichelings, one male, two females. all have normal back legs, and normal eyesight, normal blood clotting, and high fertility. 

The first female must have a normal body, a claw, and nimble fingers, and savannah horns. The rest can be customized.

The male is fully customizable. (Perferrably a bearyena)

The second female has two digging paws, and a purr snout. 

Now set the male to an alpha.

Start with 500 food and 1000 nesting material.

Unlock all genes.

Don't remove anything.

Start on grass mingle.


Every 20 days is a new season,

Each season you must kill off the nichelings you dislike. If a nicheling survives, they are considered strong, and they will never have to go through a season punishment.

Summer: Release your nichelings (Banishing) into the warm air, use your stongest nicheling to kill them off. If you can't kill them, use the console on them while they are still in the tribe.

Autum: The rainy season is here, move your least favorite nichelings to the swampy areas, and set the weather to rain until the season is over. Make sure they find bugs and get the sleeping sickness, and each day until the season is over, remove 10 damage from them. If they have the stinky tail, deal 20 damage each day.

Winter: As the water freezes over, drown your least favorie nichelings. If they have water breathing, deal 100 damage. 

Spring: Your nichelings must get good food, so you poison them with parasitic poison berries. The berries feed the tribe,  if they have poison resitance, deal 100 damage.


It is suggested you use gem colors to mark nichelings. 

EX - Green for normal, orange for killing off, blue for survivors, purple for leaders.


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