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Warrior Cats - Ultimate Niche Challenge!

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Warning! This challenge uses console commands! Make sure you backup your save files to avoid losing your clan due to corruption!


Do you ever wished if you can grow and nurture your own Warrior Cats Clan?


Well now you can!


With this warrior cat challenge on niche, you can name your own warriors, take them on patrols and make them fight bears! (the predators) This challenge is simpler and less resource and power hungry than the sims 3 warrior cats challenge, so it could be the right challenge for you! With this challenge, there are events, disasters, fighting and the even prophecies from StarClan! Your goal of this challenge is to have your clan survive 1000 moons against all odds, if your clan dies out before 1000 moons, your challenge had failed!


Firstly, you will need a:



Niche Genetics Survival Game (24$) Play on the tester branch

Backup files of your save game


iPad or iPhone

A random number generator

This challenge rules

Google docs or notes to record the cats of your Clan

An account in a social media site of your choice (optional)

An account in family echo (optional)




Island: Deadly hills


Tribe/Clan limit: 30 nichelings/cats


Remove Defender bears! -


Age settings:


Babies: 2 days/moons


Child: 4 days/moons


Teen: 12 days/moons


Adults: 80 moons


Pregnancy duration: 3 days/moons


Genes setting:

Start with 5 starter cats, they must have purr snouts or Sabre fangs and be quadrupeds.(Stand on all fours. Useful genes include velvet paws and bearhyena claws) Other than that you can design your cats to be whatever you like!  Note: Your starter nicheling must have 4 attack and above!


Food settings:

Start with any you like


Blind mode: Activated


Unlock all genes: Activated


Your goal: To have your Clan survive 1000 moons.


Gem Colors

Gem colour checklist, create them in custom files folder!


Light pink for kits (default)


Yellow for apprentices (default)


light blue for medicine cat apprentices (default)


Orange for warriors (default)


Dark blue for Medicine cats (custom)


Red for deputies and Leaders (custom)


Dark pink for queens (custom)


And last not least,  Gray for elders (custom)


Note: Deputies have 2 orange gems and one red gem in the middle, to signify the possibility of becoming leader.




Leader’s den - The leader likes to hang out near the tree trump so that he/she can make clan announcements. The deputy also hangs around near the tree trunk so he can organise and announce patrols.


Medicine cat den - The Medicine cat (and apprentice) likes to live near a healing fruit. Sick and wounded cats also go near the healing fruit when possible.


Nursery - Queens like to set their bedding around a permanent nest. That’ll become become the nursery, future generations will be born there.


Warrior and apprentices’ den - When not being mentored or on patrols, apprentices and warriors like to roam around camp until their names get called by the deputy.


Elder’s den - Elders like to hang about, a bit away from the warriors. Elders also visits the nursery to tell stories to the kits.




Simple turn breakdown


Roll for any StarClan Prophecies (20%)

Roll for any Greencoughs (20%)

Play out your warrior cats! (Warrior Ceremonies, hunting, border patrols and mentor teaching apprentices.)

Engage in any battles using the random number generator and console commands.

Once all of the cats’ action points are used up (Except for queens, deputies and leaders), end the day!

Start a new day! (Repeat this breakthrough)





Record your whole clan like the ones in Erin Hunter’s books, including the cats who are in StarClan.




Wanderers (when invited to the clan) must be changed (through console commands) to have purr snouts or Sabre tooth snouts and paws that touch the ground (e.g Bearhyena claw)




When you prey on crabscrabs, there is a 60% chance that the crab, will pinch you!


A crab will deal 1 - 3 damage. Roll the random number.generator




When a clan cat passes away and joins StarClan, The leader will announce his/her death. All cats in camp (Not on patrols) will gather near the tree stump, for the ritual, and say goodbyes to the deceased cat for 1 moon.




Write profiles for your cats

Create art of your cats and put it up on a social media site, like steam, niche forums or devianart

Create a family tree on family echo.






-When a kit is born is he/she will be known by the suffix “kit”, the name given by the Queen.  (e.g Falconkit, Snowkit) A kit will remain a kit through the baby and child stages, which is 6 moons long. A kit must remain in the nursery with the queens.


-Kits can also listen to stories from elders to pass their free time.




-When a kit is 6 moons old, he or she will become an apprentice and will receive the suffix “paw” replacing “kit” (e.g Falconpaw, Snowpaw)  An apprentice must be assigned to a mentor, which will teach the apprentices how to hunt or fight.


Fighting training - Apprentices and mentors will fight each other “lightly” with only 1 or 2 damage.  This battle can be done by the console commands, “Take Damage” If a cat’s bleeding, he/ she must see the medicine cat immediately .


Hunting training - Mentors must encourage their apprentices to use their noses to track down prey.  The apprentice must try to hunt without the mentor’s help, help is only necessary when the apprentice is out of action points.     


Border Patrols - Warriors are allowed to take apprentices out on border patrols. He or she must defend for others’ lives.


Medicine cat apprentices


-If a clan kit is born weak, she/he can choose to become a medicine cat apprentice instead when there is an available space. Typical traits of medicine cats include blindness and inability to fight.  


-A medicine cat apprentice learns about the healing properties of plants, the powers of StarClan, how to purr, lick wounds and pull leeches off different clan cats.


-A medicine cat apprentice will help out other sick and injured cats to the best of their abilities.


-When a medicine cat apprentice is 20 moons old, she receives the full medicine cat name from the medicine cat. (E.g Snowcreek, Falconwing) however she/he doesn’t get the full status of medicine cat until the previous one steps down or dies.




Once your apprentice is 20 moons old, let your leader call a warrior ceremony and the apprentice will receive his/her warrior name, getting rid of the “paw” at the end of the name. (e.g Falconwing, Snowcreek)


-Warriors must go on regular border patrols, commanded by the deputy inside in tall grass to be on the lookout for bears and rogues. They may have to fight for their lives to protect others,  even if they’re about to join StarClan.


-Warriors can take on apprentices, they teach them how to hunt and fight. They can also take them on border patrols.




-If a warrior had mentored at least 1 apprentice, then he/she can become deputy. If the previous deputy became leader, died or had stepped down, the leader will call a deputy ceremony on top of the stump, so that he/she (you) chooses the right deputy for the clan.   The new deputy then recieve one red gem in the middle of his orange gems. (See gem colours) The deputy’s name will remain the same.


-The goal of the deputy is to arrange patrols for the warriors. He/she and the leader will switch places on the stump, so he/she will tell which warriors/apprentices will go on a patrol. He/she can also call patrols back when he/she wants to.




-When the previous leader die, then the the deputy will become leader. StarClan will come to him/her in a dream, and receive the gift of him/her remaining strong as leader, until his/her time is up. (Giving him/her no need to become an elder)

Note: There are no such things as “nine lives” in this challenge.


Then StarClan will gift the new leader his/her leader name. (E.g Falconstar, Snowstar


-The job of a leader is to protect his/her clan and to arrange apprentice, warrior and apprentice ceremonies. He/she (you) will give his apprentices new warrior names in front of everyone and StarClan. Whenever there is danger he’ll also send out warriors to battle it.


-Leaders cannot become elders, they must serve until they die.




-As soon as a she cat had bred with a tom, she becomes a queen, note: Deputies and leaders have to give up their roles for a short time. Queens cannot leave the nursery so that the kits are protected from Bears, hawks and foxes.


-Queens (you) can name their own kits whatever name they like, although the names must have “kit” as a suffix.  The leader or medicine names the other part of the kit”s name when they become warriors or an adult (medicine cat)


-Queens can leave the nursery and become warriors again when all of her kits had become apprentices, when she stops having kits.


Medicine cat


-When a previous medicine cat steps down or dies, the medicine cat apprentice gets the full status as a medicine cat. This means that she/he doesn’t get ordered to do things and can take on an apprentice. The colour on the gem turns from light blue to dark blue to show that he/she gets that rank.


-It is against the warrior code to make your medicine cat breed, however you can break them for story purposes.


Your Medicine cats will recieve prophecies from StarClan (See Prophecies from StarClan)


-The Medicine cat should help prevent sick and injured cats from joining StarClan. This includes guiding cats to healing fruits, licking wounds, purring around cats and picking off leeches. The medicine cat should always be on task.


-The Medicine cat can teach his/her apprentice how to intercept prophecies from StarClan and help sick and injured cats.




-When a Warrior, Queen or Medicine cat becomes 80 moons old, she/he will become an elder.  Elders have 3 gray gems and have to stay in the elder’s area for the rest of their lives. (They are also allowed in the nursery to tell kits stories) They get freedom and do whatever they please, but the retired medicine cat may have to go on task when a cat is near death and the other medicine cats are busy.


-Elders are highly respected because they managed to live so long. (Avoided dying of sickness or by Bearhyena.) Elders like to tell kits stories about fighting bearhyenas and about - past lives.


StarClan prophecies


-Note: make sure you keep track of all of your cats in StarClan, you can use google docs or notes on your ipad/phone to record a cat every time they die.


Each moon there is a 1 out of 10 chance that a StarClan cat will be warn you about the future of the clan. Then roll 1 to the number of all all the cats of StarClan (dead cats) who will meet the medicine cat in your dream and then roll 1 to 2 to see if the full medicine cat or apprentice will receive the message.


Then Roll 1 to 100 which prophecy you will receive.


1 - 5  “Poison will sweep and rule the forest like a giant wave wiping through the lands.”


In 3 moons time, all prey in the forest will be poisoned, each prey you hunt have a high chance of getting a cat sick.  Whenever a cat catches a prey, roll 1 - 100 There is a 80% of your cat being sick. Use command add status effect poisoned and common cold.

In addition to that all berry bushes have a 50% chance of poisoning you when you pick or claw it down. Add status effect poisoned and common cold

The sickness is contagious but any cat who caught it by another cat will only have the common cold.

Roll event length 3 - 10 moons

Don’t roll the sickness (Bellow)


5 - 10


“Life flourishes like seedlings making its way out of the ground and a young trees growing into adult trees.”


-This means you must breed your queens until your clan is at max clan limit (30 cats)


-This is also a sign that peace will follow (could be a false alarm) and lots of your clan apprentices become warriors.


10 - 30


“Trouble is coming, huge brown beasts will arrive and prey on our tribe”


-Signifies that Big Bears are going to harass our tribe. (Command Increase Spawn Killer Carnivore.)


30 - 35


“Green stuff will invade the Clans from one to another”


A wave of greencough will come to the Clan in 3 moons. 3 - 6 cats will be infected (Use randomizer) Follow the randomizer for sickness for each cat (Bellow)


35 - 45 Multiple prophecies with the same meaning. roll again for which prophecy to choose


1 - 20 Night will come to the clan and help the clan thrive. (Black)


20 - 40 Fire will arrive to the clan, but it won’t destroy.  (Orange or red)


40 - 60 It will start snowing in the clan but the land will not freeze. (White)


60 - 80 A mudslide will arrive and help the clan (Brown)


80 - 100 A storm cloud will appear in the clan but it’ll not pour (Gray)


(Command increase wanderer spawning) When a cat arrive, change it’s fur color according to the description to the prophecy) using console commands, (SetGene)


45 - 50

“There May be unexpected life in the near future”


-Increase rogue spawn console commands.


50 - 55


“The skies will take a (kit prefix) away from the clan.”


-This will take place as soon as a kit is born. (Use console commands increase spawn bluebird.)


A kit (use the random generator) will wander away from the nursery and get taken by a big hawk! Rip :(


55 - 60


“A little life falls in the hands of a red creature. Only a (Warrior prefix) can save the life”


A kit will be taken by a fox in 2 moons!  Roll for the warrior to save the kit and roll for the target kit. If the certain warrior can’t make it to the kit in 2 moons, the kit gets taken away! (Command delete or take damage)


60 - 65


“A (apprentice prefix) has a broken leg, only StarClan can decides it’s fate.”


Decide what will happened to the apprentice (That made her/him have a broken leg.) There is a 3 out of 10 chance that he/she’ll die and join StarClan. Rip :(


65 - 70


“The (leader prefix) had been lost due to lots of rock/ a fallen tree, StarClan will decide it’s fate.”


The leader had been killed by a rockslide or a fallen tree. There is 60% chance of the leader being resurrected and a 40% chance of the leader going to StarClan. Use a random generator.


75 - 80


“An old log will get shred up to pieces. A (apprentice suffix) can stop this from happening”


An elder is vulnerable to a  juvenile bear, if an apprentice manage to get there in 3 moons the elder will be saved or else he’ll/she’ll die


80 - 85


“A running rock river causes trouble for the clan”


A rockslide happens in 2 moons roll, roll 1 to 100 (40 and over there is death) to see if anyone dies and then roll 1 - 3 to see how many lives are lost and roll the number of cats in your clan to see who dies, minus the kits.


85 - 90


“Red and orange will take over the Clan”


A forest fire had devastated your clan!  Roll 0 - 5 to see how many cats had succumbed to the fire. Roll the number of cats in your clan to see who dies including the kits.


90 - 100


No message, the StarClan cat was desperate to see medicine cat just for a chat : )


Battles, Diseases and births




Everyday, there is a 15% chance that a cat becomes ill with greencough. (Randomise 1 out of 100,  85 or over means that a cat is sick.) If it is over 85 roll 1 to amount of cats in your clan. Look at the family tree and find the cat, from top to bottom and left to right.


If a cat has greencough, give it a status effect of “Common Cold” (Change immunity genes)


In addition to that there is a randomizer on how severe it is.


1 - 30 No additional effects, the greencough is mild the cat just have to remember to take medicine from the medicine cat. Roll a duration from 2 - 5 moons.


30 - 60 The greencough is moderately severe, take an additional 1 - 2 damage each moon.  The cat must be in the medicine cats den, and is allowed to hunt, but not allowed to fight. Roll a duration from 2 - 6 moons.  


60 - 90 It is sereve, take an additional 2 - 3 damage each moon. The cat must be in the medicine cat den, the cat is not allowed to fight or to hunt. Roll a duration of 3 - 7 moons.


90 - 95 The cat is very severely ill, the cat can only be saved if he/she can manage to get to the healing fruit in 2 moons.


95 - 100 The cat dies :’(


If a cat is infected by another cat, follow the same rolls.




Battles had been made more challenging! Instead of waiting the next moon for the attack, bears will attack as soon as you come close to it on the same moon.


First attack: Roll 1 - 6 for which cat gets attacked. If there is only one cat fighting, that cats get the blow.  Then that cat takes 4 - 6 damage through console commands. If the cat is not bleeding, it is lightly scratched and can be healed by the medicine cat, if the cat is bleeding, roll for severity.


Second attack: The game will do that attack.


There are severity on cat injuries.


1 - 60 Mild injuries, the cat is bleeding, no additional damage.


60 - 80 Moderate Injuries, cat takes additional 1 - 2 damage per turn.


80 - 90  Severe injuries, cat takes additional 3 - 4 damage per turn. Cat cannot leave medicine cat den for 5 moons.


90 - 95 The cat can only be saved if, he/she eats from the healing plant in 2 moons.


95 - 100 The cat dies :’(




There is a 60% chance that the she cat is pregnant. If she is not pregnant, remove the pregnancy.


When you come near a rogue, he’ll also attack you before breeding, refer to battles above.


Pregnancy births. Each birth will be rolled.


1 - 90, the birth went smoothly. If the roll is over 90, a disaster happens. Roll for severity


1 - 60 The kit is sickly, roll severity above, Note that this sickness is permanent.


60 - 85 The birth is a stillborn, the kit dies.


85 - 98 The queen died from birth.


98 - 100 Both the Queen and kit dies.  

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This is my Clan!



Leader:  Redstar - Red coloured tom with a pink mane

Deputy:  Bloomsong - Brown she cat with red ram horns

-Apprentice -Hazelpaw


Medicine Cat: Finchbreeze - Cream coloured tom with a white mane


Queens: She cats expecting kit or caring for kits.


-Willowflight - Cream she cat with green eyes and gray ram horns.


Warriors: Cats defending the clans from Bearhyenas and rogues


Whitefur - Albino tom with red eyes.


Patchfur - Dark red tom with yellow patches

Apprentice- Spottedpaw


Marigoldpelt - Brown she cat with orange patches


Amberfire - A tom with a flame coloured pelt and green eyes. A former loner.

Apprentice - Frogpaw


Sootfoot - Light yellow tom with a gray mane

Apprentice - Acaciapaw


Birchleap - Brown coloured tom with red coloured gazelle horns and a deformed paw. A son of a rogue.

Apprentice - Yellowpaw


-Daisysong - White and yellow she cat - A senior warrior, former queen


-Snowfeather - Creamy, almost white she cat - A former queen


-Bouncestream -  Deep red she cat with blue eyes


-Fawnpoppy - Cream she cat with a fluffy tail


-Alderfang - Huge muscular cream tom with blue eye


Emberheart - Red she cat with black eyes


Frogcloud - White tom cat with a yellow chin and amber eyes


Flowerstream - Pink she cat with blue eyes and red ram horns


Spottedfur -  Huge cream tom with brown spots and pink ram horns.


Acaciapelt - Deep orange tom with blue eyes.


Elders - Warriors, Queens and Medicine cats now retired.


Graypool - Gray tom with a cream mane - A former warrior


Spirithaze - Blind red furred she cat with silver eyes. Has a strong connection with StarClan - Former Medicine cat


-Violetfang - Dark orange she cat with violet coloured eyes - Former queen and warrior - Retired early to take care of Spirithaze


Apprentices - Cats in training to be warriors.


Hazelpaw - Brown she cat with green eyes


Yellowpaw - Yellow she cat with grey splotches and green eyes


Kits - Cats who are not yet apprentices


Sunkit - Yellow tomkit with green eyes


Recent members of StarClan


Froststar - Frosty cream coloured tom with white antlers. - Former Leader - Killed by a Bear


Batwing - Black tom with black eyes and red ram horns - Former Warrior - Died from wounds


Blossomshade, Dark red she cat with black eyes. Former medicine cat. Died of old age


Ferretpounce - Brown tom with a pink mane and yellow eyes - Former deputy - Killed by a Bear


Curlyrunner - Pink sleek, she cat with red gazelle horns. Former deputy - Killed by a Bear


Dawnpaw - Gray and yellow she cat with blue eyes - Former apprentice - killed by a Bear


Cherryripple - Red she cat with blue eyes - Former warrior and queen - killed by a Bear


Redfoot - Deep orange tom with black eyes- Former Warrior - died of old age


Appleleaf - Red, Orange she cat with green eyes - Former warrior and queen - died of old age


Nightfur - Black she cat with blue eyes -  Former Warrior and queen - died from wounds


Stonestrike - Gray tom with with a cream mane - Former deputy - Killed by a Bear


Mousestar - Brown tom with white ram horns and a deformed paw. A son of a rogue. -Former Leader-  Died of old age





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I might try this...

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I just have a few recommendations. You said no nine lives for leaders I usually do it that way: when a leader rolls a death roll to whatever circumstance he'll live if he still has a life to spare :D

Also what I like to do with my generators (when I remember to roll them that is) I look at the age of the cat and their skills to make the chance of them being affeccted lower or higher. (I use a random generator for personality/ skills) so if I have a young warrior that is a good fighter they are more likely to survive a fight with less injuries or no injuries at all in opposite to that an older warrior/ or a warrior who isn't good at fighting has a higher chance of getting injured/ dying. Especially elders have a higher chance of catching sickens (and kits).

Otherwhise very well thought out challenge. Love it :D

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I'm trying this, but with a few things changed

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25 minutes ago, Katumai said:

I'm trying this, but with a few things changed

Same. Like the snouts and paws.

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9 minutes ago, Brokenshock said:

Same. Like the snouts and paws.

I just started it

I gave all of the starters purr snout or or sabre fangs, but any wanderers can keep their snouts

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On 5/15/2019 at 11:21 PM, Pegasus said:

I just have a few recommendations. You said no nine lives for leaders I usually do it that way: when a leader rolls a death roll to whatever circumstance he'll live if he still has a life to spare :D

Also what I like to do with my generators (when I remember to roll them that is) I look at the age of the cat and their skills to make the chance of them being affeccted lower or higher. (I use a random generator for personality/ skills) so if I have a young warrior that is a good fighter they are more likely to survive a fight with less injuries or no injuries at all in opposite to that an older warrior/ or a warrior who isn't good at fighting has a higher chance of getting injured/ dying. Especially elders have a higher chance of catching sickens (and kits).

Otherwhise very well thought out challenge. Love it :D



Good suggestions! I will update this challenge in a week or two according to my feedback 😊

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