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All The Fanart I've Gotten!


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Okay, so I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but it's only fanart so... I guess it's okay? Anywho, I've been getting a lot of fanart from everyone, so I wanted to display all of it here, the names of the people who drew it, and say what I like about it. Most of this art will be of Raana, but there is some art that's not Raana-based.

Anyways, yeah. Here's a screenshot of Raana-861588459_RaanaScreenie(2).thumb.jpg.b3d46519452ab5ba995ad5f23a6cd39a.jpg



By @...

I really like the style of this, it's so unique. It's like, it took just some simple lines to draw it but turned out so cool.



By @FlowerMask

The flower crowns that people put on Raana are so cute! I like how Raana is sitting all prim and proper, it's really nice. Also, ya gotta love that rabbil just sneaking in the background.



By @Kattails

I really like the eyes on this one, especially the little green part behind it. Also, I like the snout. I think that's because it goes off the face, I don't know, I'm weird. But yeah, I just really like the way everything is drawn. So cute!



By @Katumai

And, more flower crowns! I really like the nice, light background on this one. Also, Katumai's style is super cool, so I, of course, love how it came out.



By @Lil' Sun Leopard

I think this is the most cartoon-ish Raana I've gotten so far, and I really like it! Her little expression is so cute, and she's really fluffy. I also really like the shading.



By @Bear poop

Yet another flower crown, and made of dandelions just like Katumai's was. I really love the background on this one and the style in general. She's so picturesque! I really love her eyes, too (or eye I guess...).





By @Renio2490

The first piskel is the one that was made first, and the second is a remake, and they're super cute! I like how the background is also yellow like her, but a different shade. Also, the face itself is adorable. A simple animation, but so cool nonetheless.



By Renio2490

Fun fact, this is the first Raana artwork made by somebody on the forums! Obviously, the bananas are great, and I like Raana's snout. I don't know, it just looks so cute and tiny. Also, the eyes look cool (or eye once again).



By @Subzero

I like how everything is a different shade of yellow. Like the head is a different shade from the chest fluff, and the chest fluff is a different shade from the body. It's nice!



By @thalia

I really love the background on this one, it's so pretty and purple. Also, the light is really cool on it. I like the little tuft of hair on Raana's head, and the little gem creeping up onto the picture. Also, the style is really great!



By @Bostonlobstah

Her little expression is so cute!  She looks kinda like she just did something mischievous, I don't know why. It's so adorable, though.



By @Brokenshock

Another cartoon-ish Raana. I really like the style on this one! She looks a lot like a cat, and I like how her tail is twisted around. So cute!



By @heyitsgeorgie

The style on this one is SO cool! I like how this is another drawing that incorporated bananas in it along with Raana. Also the whole swinging from the tree thing. It's so cute!

Oh, also, this drawing is a fusion drawing between Raana, and another nicheling I had named Loquat. In wasn't really sure if I should lump this picture in with the non-Raana stuff, but whatever. Oh, here's a pic I drew of Loquat for reference-20190304_160848.thumb.png.2c06881dab292dc3f73625c1e5b3552c.png



By FlowerMask (Raana's after Pacific, she has purple flowers and open eyes.)

Wow, this whole thing is awesome. There are so many nichelings of so many people in it! They all look great! I really like how everyone has some form of vegetation on their heads (weirdest sentence ever...).



By @Goggles-kun

The style on this one is so cool! I really like the shading, and the eyes are really nice. It's just put together so well! 



By Renio2490

Compared to the original Raana art Renio did for me, there has definitely been an improvement! I really like all of the flowers, and her little raised paw is so cute! Also, it's funny how they weren't even trying to make Raana, it just happened to look just like her.





By @Magicmoonss

Raana looks so intrigued in this one! I like the style too, how it looks kinda sketch-y (not sketchy like dark and ominous, but sketch-y like a sketch of a drawing). Also, her itty-bitty ears are adorable!



By @MelonNicheling

Another flower crown! This one's so cute, I really like how big her eyes are! And how she turns from winking to closing both her eyes like she's really happy! And her little tiny nose...AHHHHH! IT'S SO ADORABLE!!!!



By FlowerMask (Raana's in the front next to Lightwing)

This picture is just...awesome. I really like how everyone's crammed together, it makes the space feel like it's really being used up. I also really like Raana's expression, she looks so happy and is just enjoying life! Also, the floof is 10/10.



By @W1r3d_P3ng01n

Raana is TRULY accepting her banana form at this point. This is art at it's finest, people! But seriously, it actually looks pretty cool! I like the banana hood, Raana's definitely rocking it.



By FlowerMask

Raana's eyes are so shine-ay! Watch them dazzle like a diamond in the rough! Strut their stuff, their stuff is so shine-ay! Yeesh, I'm sorry. So yeah, that. And the flower crown is adorable, a nice nod to the original Raana art they did. And they delivered with the floof again, a prominent thing in their artwork. It's really cute!



By @SilverTheNicheling

Eep! This is so cute! Raana is such a cute doggo, and that toy is adorable! The floof is on FLEEK. It's just so cute, and I really wanna squish her furry face and just make dumb baby noises at her all day!



By @CatLoaf

The style on this one is really nice! I like the ears, they just look really big! I wonder who or what she's looking at, because she seems very interested in whatever it is! And the floof is amazing as well!



By @NichelingPotato

I really like the 3D looking style on this one! It looks like Raana almost pops out of the picture. The shading is really nice, and I like the eyes, too! It's just really pretty!



By @wikipedia (angel)

Again, the style! It's so pretty! I like the human-like eye, too. I think this drawing works really well for the song it's supposed to go to (this was for their song requests).



By Aye-Aye, Captain! (Raana is near Melon and the berry bush)

Oh. My. Wow. This group drawing is amazing, and what's more, they finished it in WAY less time than I finished my group drawing a while back... I like the idea of ll the nichelings who aren't deities are spirits instead, it's cool! And the way the characters interact with each other is very well planned out!



By @Bgirl

I like how their style is a lot like the style of the game itself! The tail looks exactly like medium tail in the game, which is really cool! I like how the eye is done, and the floof on the chest!



By @pumpkinbro

The style is sooooo cute on this one! I like how she's sticking out her tounge all adorable-like, and the bloosh is a nice extra touch! She looks so fluffy, and that little banana off to the side is always appreciated 🍌



By @gamingcookie

I like her cute little ears in this one! Also, the fact that her hind legs and torso is shaded because she is sitting is really cute! The expression, it's so simple yet so amazing. And it's floofy!



By @robsterdy

This one is so nice! I like her little paw up in the air, and her cute little expression. I wonder what's in the grass, must be one of her daughters 😁. The shading is really nice too, I just enjoy the attention to detail on this one.



By pumpkinbro

I know this is a moodboard and not a drawing, but moodboards are art, okay?! Anyways, I like the gentle and yellow-y vibes on this one. It just seems to soft and sweet. I really like it!



By Magicmoonss

Oh dear, it seems Raana has been turned into a lemon! That's some out-of-the-box thinking, especially considering it would probably be easiest to turn her into a banana.Her little scared expression is so cute, and the pitcher looks really nice!



By @Impy10

I really like the eyes on this one! And, Raana is looking as floofy as ever. All that neck floof, I must say, it's extravagant! The inner ears look really nice too!



By wallace

A true masterpiece, I'm feeling all the feels. It is a representation of emotions...yes. That's totally what it is...



By wallace

I like Raana's excited expression on this one! The banana is always a nice touch, and I like the necklace too! She's got dat spiky floof, and It's really cute!



By wallace

I am feeling all of the banana vibes, here. Raana looks so relaxed on her banana boat (eek!) and she's just driftin' along the banana pudding water under the moonlight. It's super cute and pretty funny, too!



By @green tea

Raana looks so pretty in this one! Just very calm and peaceful. I also really like the shading, and the light on the eyes.It's really cute, and so sweet too (especially Raana's expression, eek!)



By The Fawnth Doctor's cousin

Raana looks really happy in this one! I really like her curly tail, and her neck floof.



By @ValkyrieWolff

Raana has such a cute face in this one! I also really like the concept, her in a banana split! It makes pretty perfect sense! Also, the proportions are really good (in my opinion)!



By Japanese Melon Fawn

I really like the shading on this one! It looks really accurate! Also the expression. She's happy...but not too happy. It just looks really good!



By @FawnCat

Raana's expression and her little bloosh on her face is so cute! The background is very cool and blendy, too! Also, that ombre on her face...yesh. This perfectly captures the excitement of my one year!



By @Applesauce

I really like the proportions on this one! Raana looks so derpy, but in a good way! I like the floofs on her teeny tiny little head! The long tail looks so cute, the legs in relation to the body, the huge neck floof...it all just looks so good! And the grass. Can't forget about the grass!



By @Lisa The Dragonwolf

The spiky floof is so cute! Also, she totally looks like a cat, which is great! I like how she's just...bopping around the screen. Definitely fits her hyperactive nature (also, yes, Raana did used to be calm, but I changed a lot of her character traits because she was extremely shallow...)! Anywho, I like it!

Now some Scorp art! Here's a screenshot of him- 20190601205433_1.thumb.jpg.9b42077de9cd4ee4a3a00dd895b8c80d.jpg




By Renio2490

Scorp looks so serious in this one! I like how his picking the toxic berry off the bush, and his scorpion tail looks really cool, too! For a sketch, it's honestly so well done. And I really like the ears too, for some reason.



By CatLoaf

I like Scorp's serious expression in this one! Or maybe he's annoyed... It's also cool how his tail wraps around him like that. And his mane looks like fire! Well it does to me at least. Very cool!



By wallace

I like the expression on Scorp's face! I wonder what he's thinking about... Also, that little necklace is a nice touch! It's also pretty cool that the ram horns are getting darker and darker in color.



By Impy10

I really like Scorp's tail on this one! It looks so cool! Also, his mane is so floofy and his inner ears. I like how the ram horns partially cover his eyes, but not all the way. It's just so cute!




And now, time for some non-specified nicheling artwork!



By FlowerMask

This picture is adorable, I love how Diamond is looking into the nest at Pearl. So cute! And the little berry bush next to the nest, just like it is in the screenshot.


Now for a little background on these two. This picture is of Diamond and her daughter, Pearl. They are from a tribe that I made as soon as I found out I could play older versions of Niche. Here's a screenshot of them-DiamondAndPearl-SoCute!.thumb.jpg.6feb9e75b5e4f97e7ae9940fb39b0b45.jpg



By Renio2490

Yes, another drawing by Renio. I like the little shell on the beach that Mint is standing by! Also, his expression is adorable, and his little mane and ears. So cute!


This picture is of Mint, another member of the same tribe Diamond and Pearl were in, but from much earlier. I think he was something like the grandchild of Adam and Eve, but I'm not sure.  Here's a screenshot of him- 20190512174055_1.thumb.jpg.f1cea19adea4d2700881644f1c2710d5.jpg




By FlowerMask

Another one of FlowerMask's beautiful drawings, I really like how fierce Sandy looks! I like how the face is, and her spiky body and claws. She looks like she's ready for a battle or something!

Sandy is from the same tribe as Diamond, Mint, and Pearl. Here's her screenshot-105069976_SandysAdorable!.thumb.jpg.989517c9cbedfa5272ebedc70bbca44d.jpg



By FlowerMask

Yes, ANOTHER drawing by FlowerMask. I love Velvet's mane and velvet paw, and Huff is looking oh-so-pretty with her little tailfin. The drawing is just adorable, and I really like it!


These two are from my Harry Potter Challange playthrough. Huff was the founder of Hufflepuff, and Velvet was her first member. Here's a screenshot of them- 20190510215919_1.thumb.jpg.95614c5da91ff82e2db7b2e1aca5f6b1.jpg



By @random cat

I really like how this one looks. The expression on her face is so defensive, but I also like how her tail is tucked between her legs so symbolize that maybe inside, she's scared. Am I reading too much into this? Yeah, probably. But it's adorable!


This is Willow from that same old tribe as a bunch of nichelings. Here's her screenshot-64400693_WillowsLastDayScreenie.thumb.jpg.36cc5cd8b329e6fd016a1ac6b82a7fd5.jpg



By FlowerMask

Fauna II's spots look so cute in this one! I really like her eyes too, how they're light brown on one side, and darker brown on the other. It's so adorable!


Fauna II is named after another nicheling I had named Fauna, who unfortunately only lived a short while because she had doubled up immunity, and I was doing the reality challenge, so she had to be killed 😢. But, luckily, Fauna II was healthy! Here's a screenshot of her-FaunaII.thumb.jpg.eb0f708ad76d6cf51532e45819c3ed12.jpg





By Aye-Aye, Captain!

Rose looks so playful in this one! It's also kinda funny when she bumps her head and you just see the ball bouncing away. She kinda reminds me of a seal!


Rose was another nicheling in my reality challenge. I like to think she's pretty adorable. Heres a screenshot-SCREEEEEROSEEEE.thumb.jpg.b1f1ca066b3ff814fbe29aff90218db5.jpg




By FlowerMask

This one's so cute! Acorn just looks adorable with that little blue feather on his nose. I feel like this would fit his character well. Like, I could imagine this happening to him.


Acorn is from my Adam's Story tribe. He always wanted to be alpha, so he would often try helping in any way. But his leap before you look nature and general childish ways didn't grant him that position. But, out of kindness, one alpha sought to make Acorn the co-alpha, which had never been heard of before until that time. Here's Acorn's screenshot-20190602112008_1.thumb.jpg.7e263ac77334422a7ea3470568ecd979.jpg





By Renio2490

I like Pacific's expression on this one! It's like she's looking at someone and is like "uh-huh, I know what you're up to". I also like the water background! It's really pretty!


Pacific was discovered in the Nicheling Explorer thingy when I was putting in names of well-known nichelings on the forums and seeing if what came up was similar to them. Needless to say, this Pacific looks nothing like Goggles-kun's Pacific, but I still think she's pretty cute! Here's her screenshot- Pacific.thumb.png.d42a25a526193146cb1265b52fcd577f.png


By Aye-Aye, Captain!

I like Zosia's little pose she's in! Her eyes look really cool too, and sorta like a gemstone. Her fluffy little stinky tail is waving behind her in all it's floofy amazement, it just looks really cute!


Zosia was another nicheling discovered in nicheling explorer, and I thought she was too pretty not to take a screenshot of. Here she is-Zosia.thumb.png.b1f7dd05df8f4c0fcd66dd6c521b8c65.png




By Impy10

Wow, those dilated pupils are spoopy! Also, that torn ear and the smile...*shudder*. Truly scary...but that tail...yes.


This is alternate universe Raana, a nicheling I sorta made up for an art comp. (which, as I'm writing this, is still happening! Tell me, future me, did I win? I'm guessing no...buuut uhh...) Anyways! Here's her picture-AlternateUniverseRaana.thumb.jpg.855c00f11fd7847bb333216c2329e106.jpg



By FawnCat

Irsila looks so chill just laying there by her tree! The pattern is pretty spot on, too! I also really like the paw for some reason...I dunno know I just...like it! And I can't leave out the background! Wow! The tree in particular looks very nice. Also the nichelings up on the hill by the sunset-which also looks great! It all comes together so nicely!


This is Irsila, a nicheling I had in a snowy tribe. Here's a screenshot- 20191206210704_1.thumb.jpg.5023d62c2dfcb8e7c9c0576d06b3006d.jpg

I will update this topic as I get more art! Thank you to everyone that took the time to make me art, and please tell me if I forgot any! Again, thank you!

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I just realized Willow's mouth in my art looks like lips. She's supposed to be showing her teeth off at the predator like "I will bite your head off if you get any closer"

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Thank you! Also, the reason she looks so intrigued is because there was originally a background, but I ended up getting rid of it. Here's the picture with the background added:


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On 5/18/2019 at 10:47 AM, RaanaTheBanana said:

Rose looks so playful in this one! It's also kinda funny when she bumps her head and you just see the ball bouncing away. She kinda reminds me of a seal!

Somehow I completely forgot about this animation, I promise to finish it tomorrow.

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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Omg, I love your reaction towards the art I made you, it’s.. it’s just.. it’s so adorable! Thank you for putting this in your gallery and mentioning me! Means a lot! :D

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