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Unlook gene menu notifications



Hi, I what to make a suggestion,

Lately I've been playing and one of the problems sometime I have is the "Unlock gene notification", is hard to track which gene you unlock in the menu,

so maybe add like a glow feature of something in the gene menu that can show you which gene you unlock. :)

I add an example n,n/



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6 hours ago, Sheireen said:

or maybe insted of "You unlocked a new Gene" it says "You Unlocked Nimble Fingers/Bearyena Snout/ Water Body/Claw"

This is a good idea, and in fact, I think all notifications should be changed in this way. They would be much more helpful if they called your nichelings by name instead of as "one of your animals".

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3 hours ago, Lilytuft said:

In old Niche it had the new unlocked gene as blue. Then it was removed with the old mutation menu :(

Yes your right! It would be cool to have it back!

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