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11 hours ago, GlacyGlace said:

also the potato cub’s sibling died too

perhaps it’s just not meant to be for them to be enclave fodder

Oof. make sure you assign cubs to broodmothers!

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9 hours ago, xkcd2020 said:

Selling them is very useful, agreed. Or put them at the Giving Tree.

Unless they're really good, please don't put any more male cubs at the tree, there's already so many there

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2 hours ago, Tigerlily_On_Niche said:

Does anyone know how to change your den page? like, with different colors and fonts?

Look up 'Lioden HTML den pages'. Do what they say on whatever link you go to

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19 hours ago, Sky said:

Which one's better? Velvet or Hibiscus?



k but seriously which one, I have the Velvet applicator but I can sell it and get just enough GB for a Hibiscus app. I'll use whichever app I decide on on my Dorsal Fur girl Mallory.

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