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Creating custom genes



So there would be a button in the gene settings menu that says "Add custom genes". when you open it up, you can choose the gene slot it will go in. it will start as a little blob that you can try to shape into a part, and when your done you click the "Check part" and it will show the part on a randomly generated creature, and if you like it, you can click "Go to stats" and if you don't, you can click "Discard" and either try to make a new part shape or go back to the other settings. if you click "go to stats" it will show a menu where you can add what stats the part will give, and how much of a boost of that specific stat it will add. Once your done adding stats, you can click "name part" where you get to name the part then click "Save part" to save the part to a new file called CustomParts.int, and if you want you can copy the part coding and use it to give to other players or something via a website or something. This file will allow custom parts to be in game, for if someone wanted a part but it didn't get added, or just to make a part for a challenge. If anyone can make pictures for the steps ill be happy to add those pictures.

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Guest SilverTheNicheling

Goodness this needs a comment! I would so love to create new genes for my creatures! Upvoted! :D

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